How to build a long tail for evergreen content?

Jan. 28, 2019, 11:49 a.m.

1 Answer

Feb. 1, 2019, 3:53 p.m.

Writing a good text on a website is a difficult task. Regardless of its type and purpose, it should both encourage customers to use the company's services and become its showcase - shows that the company depends not only on the income and positioning of the website in the search results but also on the client's needs.

The best evergreen content is one that in itself does not seem to directly encourage customers to buy. They should show that the company knows its recipients and knows what information they most often seek. They will be reflected in various types of content, among which may be:


  1. Tips and tricks - users do not have to appear on the mowers page because they want to buy one. It is possible that they are really looking for tips on how to clean the mower they already have. If they find the information sought on the site, they will be more likely to return to it when their older model breaks down.
  2. Case study - customers always to buy will encourage the most proof that the product not only works but also liked other people who have already bought it. Therefore, it is worth collecting reviews and opinions from other clients and getting their consent to share their experiences.
  3. FAQ - gathering the most frequently asked questions by customers with answers is not only beneficial for users, but also for the company itself. Recipients will immediately find an answer to bothering them without using the contact form, and the company will not have to spend even a few hours each day only by replying to emails.
  4. Charts - every user likes information neatly shown in a graphical form instead of a text wall. Therefore, it is worth to prepare tables and charts illustrating, for example, available sizes and technical parameters of products on the website.
  5. Guides - this is not about city guides, but about how to do something step by step and what to do about it. For example, a clothing page can describe how colors and clothing patterns should be selected to fit together.