CSV Import

Import your database to the User.com app through one of the most popular ways.

CSV Import

How to set it up?

What data can I import?
  • All user data
  • User attributes
  • Contacts
How to import your data with .CSV file

Please keep in mind that your CSV file has to use UTF-8 encoding and bewell-formatted.

  • Firstly, you have to head over to https://<yourdomain>.user.com/importers/importers/
  • Then, click Select file
  • Find your file in explorer, then click Open
  • Optionaly you can type in some tags to easily recognize that bunch of data you’re going to import.
Once you've done all of above - the process of importing your data should be finished!
How to import your data with .CSV file
It's exactly the same as importing data, one thing to remember is - that users data you want to update has to have same email address.
For example:
You want to update John Smith, United States, john@smith.com. John moved to Canada, so we want to update that with John Smith, Canada, john@smith.com.

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