Real estate: More inquiries and sales

Automate your marketing and sales activities to capture more leads and save time for selling.

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Marketing Automation for Real Estate Industry

Whole customer journey covered

A single automation software that helps you increase conversion on every stage of your funnel.

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Location-based listings

Proactive chat messages

Call back pop-up forms


Increased LTV

Nurturing queues

Call & SMS campaigns

Emails with new, relevant offers


Customer success

Less repetitive tasks

Agent performance tracking

Deal overview and management

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Real Estate Industry User Profile by Marketing Automation

Experience tailored to each home buyer

Know what each person is looking for

Get full information about each visitor and categorize them based on viewed offers.

Show interesting properties

Dynamically adjust your website to show listings relevant to a particular person.

Be proactive and helpful

Send automatic chat messages inviting to talk and answer potential buyer’s questions.

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Real Estate Industry Popup Message

Omni-channel for Real Estate agents

Gather contact information

Collect email addresses, phone numbers as well as web push subscriptions.

Keep in touch

Remind about viewed properties, inform about new offers or send personalized newsletter.

Call potential buyers back

Call people straight from app and have all important information at hand.

Customer success made right

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Real Estate Industry Email Campaign Scheme

Automatic nurturing

Create messaging cadences that will keep your lead engaged.

Real Estate Industry Automated Sales Pipeline

Accelerate your work

Automate boring scheduling, deal management and reporting.

Real Estate Industry Dashboards

Track agent’s performance

Get an clear overview of scheduled activities, sent emails and deals handled by each agent.