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Hardworking and never sleeping

Provide chat communication 24/7. Gather leads or just help your customers. Chatbot is always ready to help you.

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Hardworking and never sleeping

Gather and prequaified leads

Store anwsers as an attributes of the user.
Use predefined anwsers and many data types of input.

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Thousands of possibilites

Design the bot you need. Prepare all anwsers and questions and make your users feel like talking with a human. Don't have ideas?
We have got tones of prepared scenarios.

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Reach out at the right moment

Trigger chatbot based on user activity on website. Never ask the same question two times - make usage from previosuly gathered data.

Automations become more powerful

Use automation module to make bot fully independent and be able to do a lot of tasks simultaneously. Engage users thorugh the different channels (SMS, email, webpush).

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Coding? Not required.

It's a piece of cake. Really. You don't need any coding skills to make advanced bots, just use your creativity.

It's time for your company to grow.

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