Call center & SMS: Reach more customers

Use the most effective means of communication. In UserEngage you can call and receive calls as well as automate sending text messages.

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Sending SMS from customer profile
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Personalized SMS dispatch

Most important features

Text messages

Automate sending personalized text messages and receive responses in your conversations.

Calling campaigns

Schedule, record and analyze both mass and single calling campaigns.

Call scripts

Prepare scripts your agents will follow during mass calling campaigns.

Incoming calls answering

Have all customer information at hand thanks to answering calls in app.

More features

Approach visitors, leads and customers in channels that best serve each purpose and manage it all from a single place.

Record calls

Each call can be recorded and stored in UserEngage for later review.

Buy a phone number

Thanks to Twilio integration you can buy phone numbers directly in our app.

Automated calling

Add user to your calling campaign automatically, to save time and avoid oversights.

Call logs

See all the history and costs of previous calls.

SMS delivery log

Get access to data about sent text messages and see which numbers are no longer active.

Answers from scripts

Save answers to questions from your scripts in user profiles automatically during the call.

Call center use cases

A quick glance at how working with call center looks like in practice.

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