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Make outbound
calls efficient

Outbound calls are a great and effective way to contact your leads directly.

  • Import phone numbers from CSV files or use data from your CRM
  • Create calling campaigns
  • Use call scripts
  • Record all calls to analyze them afterwards
  • Automate follow-ups after your calls

Give your customers an option to ask for a call

Offer your website visitors an option to get in touch with your support team easily.

Worldwide communication

Our app lets you buy a local phone number in several different countries around the world and pick the one that suits best your campaign best.

Online and offline data

Users can be added to specific call center campaigns based on their activity in your shop or mobile app. You can segment your target group depending on multiple conditions - for example, if a lead opens an email or clicks on a web push campaign, you can automatically add them to calling schedule.

Everything under control

All recorded calls, text messages and delivery logs are stored inside the call centre - and you can easily check all analytical data related to those.

Schedule a mass campaign or call individual customers

Depending on your needs, you can call one customer or schedule a call campaign - all from user profile.

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