Proven SaaS Video Marketing Tactics To Try

Video is a must-have for all businesses. It’s the quintessential tool for marketing what your brand has to offer, and a medium that people can’t seem to get enough of. YouTube alone has over two billion users worldwide who stream over one billion hours of video each day. And there is no better way than SaaS video marketing to promote your subscription-based product.

Take a search for “CRM software for small business”. There are over 658k videos that appear for that result – proof that the CRM market relies heavily on video to commute its value proposition.

Through explainer videos, tutorials, and more, brands educate users on:

  • How their solutions work,
  • Why they work,
  • How to use them to perform specific tasks.

And so much more.

But how do you make the most of video for your SaaS brand? 

In this article, I’ll cover four powerful SaaS video marketing tactics you can apply. I’ll share the importance of a structured approach by using a video marketing funnel. Then, I’ll discuss how to generate leads, why you should be thinking about customer loyalty, and how to share your videos far and wide.

1. Build a SaaS video marketing funnel

A video marketing funnel is similar to a content marketing funnel. It’s designed to attract, educate, and convert buyers into paying customers. In fact, a video marketing funnel fits into a content marketing funnel. And it covers videos that fall into each of the stages of your content marketing funnel. 

By using a funnel of videos, you’re able to walk buyers through their journeys. You help them uncover or better define problems they face on the way to acquiring solutions like yours at the top of your funnel. You educate them on the value of your solution in the middle of your funnel. And convert them at the bottom of your funnel.

Here’s a look at videos for each stage of the funnel along with key metrics to track to ensure your videos are effective.

Attract at the top of the funnel

Managing your books isn’t a fun experience for most businesses. It’s complex, filled with hours of admin, and if not taken care of on time, can create a world of problems. To help, Quickbooks created a series of short top-of-funnel YouTube videos that highlight these challenges in a funny way. Danny DeVito delivers humor that will have any business owner chuckling but also thinking about how to better handle their books.

Key metrics: video view count and engagement

The more views and engagement your videos receive the better. Views and engagement show that your videos are reaching more of your target audience.

Educate at the middle of the funnel

Project management software isn’t exciting. It’s often clunky, filled with jargon, and packed with more than enough steps to complete to get stuff done, leaving users feeling overwhelmed. And with the technology of today, online project management is the standard of how teams get their work today. When decided to go to market, they chose to show buyers a lighter side project management using their solution. And that project management is all about getting stuff done. 

In their video, “Everything You Can Do with”, you quickly see how versatile their tool is. You also get to see how the platform looks and works, something that makes their product less intimidating.


Key metric: watch-time

Watch time indicates the number of people spending time watching your videos. As more people watch more of your videos, they get to learn about your product. They explore why and how it can help solve their problems and become more familiar with your brand.

Convert at the bottom of the funnel is a video marketing tool. With it, you can quickly and easily produce videos for social media, email, and your website. To drive interest in the possibilities of their solution, created a three-part webinar that demonstrates how to create social media videos. 

Demos are especially powerful videos, both in B2C and B2B industry. They give buyers a peek at your solution and help them get first experience with it. It is a closer look at how it works, and show it performing tasks that buyers will ultimately perform. And if your buyers like what they see, there’s a good chance they’ll bite.


Key metric: conversions

Conversion can be in the form of sign-ups, leads generated, or sales.

2. Generate qualified leads using video

SaaS solutions can be complex. And complexity often requires a longer learning curve for buyers. Let’s assume you offer software for creating a customer portal or membership site. There clearly are a few important issues buyers must address before they invest in your solution. 

Using video can decrease the learning curve and accelerate the sales cycle. When you create videos take every opportunity to position them in places where customers will look within the most. These include product pages, your YouTube channel, and social media accounts, to name a few.

Positioning videos that do the heavy lifting of explaining the value of your solution are a must. They also decrease the level of friction buyers associate with finding solutions, especially when they are new to a solution like yours. 

Mini case study: decreases support queries with smart in-app videos is a complex marketing automation platform and a B2B SaaS company. It’s a designed to help brands manage their content marketing, sales, and support functions. With such powerful features in one solution it was just a matter of time before they began to receive an influx of support requests. Trial and existing customers wanted help and direction on how to use their platform. turned to video. It produced over 50 simple but effective explainer videos. The goal: relieve support from the constant influx of platform usage queries and help buyers quickly understand and use their solution. 

But weeks after publishing over 50 videos on YouTube and on their site, nothing changes. Support was still overwhelmed by requests that the videos should have taken care of. 

The fix? realized that in-app videos may be the key. By embedding videos into sections where users access specific features, realized a significant increase in video views and watch time. What’s more, their support team saw a decrease in user inquiries.

3. Boost customer retention and loyalty with video marketing

Customer lifetime value is really what it’s all about. The longer customers are willing to invest in your product, the more revenue your business makes over time. And because SaaS companies run on subscription business models, they must invest in educating their customers. They need to explain how to perform tasks and become super users of their products.

Spend time on your SaaS onboarding process and helping your customers become familiar with your solution. With that, you increase the probability of them committing to it for longer.

And getting started isn’t difficult, it takes a little creativity and screencasting software. Start by mapping out all features of your product. Next, detail how each works and how to use them. Lastly, create a video for every feature and function of the solution. 

Take, for example. Through University, they help new customers learn how to use their products. It’s a place customers can go to access over 50 educational videos. This library covers all they need to know to use their products like a Pro.

4. Promote your videos feverishly

Promotion is one of the 4Ps and still highly relevant in the digital era. Whether you run a livestreaming industry news site or sell cloud storage space, there is one important aspect. To get your message out you need to share your videos where your audience spends their time. This could be anywhere from YouTube to Instagram or an industry publication. 

All digital marketers know that you can track any and every interaction buyers have with your brand. That’s what makes digital marketing so exciting. And when it comes to promoting your content through various platforms, most offer a plethora of insights on audiences.

You can gather demographic and psychographic details, helping you plan and create highly effective videos that strike a chord with your buyers.

Organic and paid media

When you promote your content, leverage organic and paid media. While organic may lead to slower reach immediately, over time, your contact becomes indexed by search engines and can attract more views. 

And having your videos indexed is powerful. If you use SEO tactics effectively, your videos can show up in search on Google, driving even more traffic to your video marketing funnel. In fact, Rank Rangers Insight Graph shows that Google has started showing more video results on the first page of search queries. That proves that you can attract more people with optimized videos.

Paid media often seems a bone of contention for many brands. Some see it as a gamble while others an investment. If you want your brand to reach as broad audience as possible soon, you need to dedicate budget to paid media.

By running paid ads you’re able to target your audience more effectively, getting your content in front of buyers faster. Also, think about remarketing tactics. You’ll be able to present timely messaging to people who have already encountered your brand but haven’t yet taken the next step.

Don’t forget email

Email is one of the most effective marketing channels to help power your SaaS video marketing arsenal. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 81% of B2B marketers use email marketing as a top-three content format, and you should too. 

Use email to share your videos. Email buyers at various stages of their journeys and customers should the content apply. The more you share your videos, the greater the chance you’ll have of reaching a larger audience.

Which SaaS video marketing tactic will you try?

Video gives brands an opportunity to level the playing field. It’s more accessible than ever before. With YouTube and various social media platforms to share social videos, getting your content in front of buyers is easier than ever before.

But before you pull the trigger on video, take a step back. Assess your brand’s position. If you’ve already produced videos, identify what is or isn’t working. If you’re new to video, plan meticulously. Make sure you know who you’re creating videos for and how your videos will help buyers move along their journey. Then, pick one of these tactics and test it. It could be a game changer for your brand and the start of a new way for your SaaS business to generate the growth you’re after.

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