Video Email Marketing: How to Improve Your Email Campaigns Using Video

It’s no secret that email marketers have to work very hard to get their sends noticed, let alone opened. And it’s understandable – people receive hundreds of emails every week: newsletters, ads, press releases, blog posts, personal emails, and the list goes on. So, yes, standing out in the inbox can be quite challenging. Luckily, there’s light at the end of the tunnel – video email marketing.

By combining a solid, well-implemented email campaign with gorgeous videos, you can spice up your messages, consistently engage prospects, and ultimately nurture them into becoming customers. 

So, in this article, we’ll learn how to effectively use video email to leverage your endeavors and meet your campaign’s goals. Especially focusing on its many benefits, tips and tricks, and the best types of videos that professional production companies (learn more) use to boost video emails!

Video Email Key Statistics

Before we take a deep dive into the heart of the matter, let’s see why video email should be your go-to marketing tool. 

To begin with, with beautiful videos, you can transform a plain and boring email into a compelling, engaging, and original new experience. Helping you pique the audience’s interest from the get-to and encourage them to open your messages. So much so that just adding the word “video” in the subject line can increase opens by 19%.

But it’s more than that – According to a recent study, emails that include a video have a 96% higher click-through rate than those without and can also reduce the unsubscribe rates by 75%. Evidently, we’re talking about one of the most powerful resources at your disposal to reach out to your target audience and improve your email metrics!

Also, it’s stated that the ideal email copy length is between 50 and 125 words. So, you clearly can’t rely on long texts to get your message across. Fortunately, video is perfect for synthesizing a lot of relevant information – for example, about your product or brand – in a short amount of time. All while keeping your email concise and sweet!

Lastly, given its nature, video can add a touch of warmth and personality to your deliveries. Hence, in a time of impersonal, cold, and hollow digital interactions, video email can help you humanize your brand, cut through the noise, and build stronger, more meaningful relationships with prospects. 

Video Email Marketing Best Practices

Now that we know how beneficial video email can be for enhancing your efforts, let’s go over some cool tips and tricks to create effective campaigns.

  • Keep it short: Whether it’s a simple “talking head” video message to wish happy holidays or a beautiful product demo to showcase your cool solution, keep it under 90 seconds. Take into account that people have short attention spans, and they usually check their emails while doing other things. So, be brief, get quickly to the point, and include only what’s necessary to effectively get your core message across.   
  • Make it personal: We’ve briefly touched upon this, but it’s worth mentioning again: Online people want to feel seen, remembered, and considered. With that in mind, make your video emails as personal as you can – Add your subscribers’ names in the subject line or email copy, be friendly and approachable, and include a personal comment if you can. By showing prospects how much you care about them, you’ll be able to immediately connect with them! 
  • Place your video below the copy: As much as we love videos, emails are made of words too. So, make sure to provide context and put your video after the email copy. That way, if subscribers don’t watch your video right away, they can still understand what message you’re trying to convey. Just remember to keep your copy branded, short, and persuasive. 
  • Don’t embed the video directly in the email: Most popular email service providers – like Outlook or Gmail – don’t support embedded videos. If you do that, they’ll show a fallback image or a broken image error – which is ten times worse, user experience-wise. Hence, it’s best to don’t have the video playing right inside the email – add a customized thumbnail image that redirects people to an external page, for example, a landing page. 

Videos That Foster Consumer Trust & Build Brand Identity

One of the best things about email marketing is it helps you stay connected with your contacts and consistently deliver important brand messages. Now, if you’re strategic enough, you can add to your campaigns video content that can also help you foster trust and build brand identity – two goals that are paramount to make your business grow. 

Check what types of videos you can use to effectively achieve that!

Customer Testimonial Videos 

If anything, customer testimonials videos are ideal for building trust, all while convincing prospects about the value of your product or service. The fact that they feature real people – that is, your happy customers – sharing their unbiased and very personal experiences with your brand or product makes them highly effective.

Mind you, for them to work, testimonials need to look authentic and natural. Please don’t try to script or force an opinion because people will catch your intentions right away. And that’ll shatter your brand’s credibility and scare prospects away.

All in all, their main goal is to help potential buyers feel identified or reflected in your customers’ past experiences. So, the more conversational, candid, and genuine the testimonies feel, the better your audience is going to respond to them. 

Product Videos 

One of the hardest challenges about online businesses is the most obvious one – People can’t see, try, or touch the product firsthand. This is why high-quality product videos are perfect for helping you bridge that gap.

In a nutshell, these videos showcase how a product (or service) works in a real or plausible scenario. All while listing or highlighting its key features and most important differentiators through detailed and cool visuals.

In a sense, product videos are designed to offer prospects tangible evidence that actually supports all the awesome things you’re saying about your product. Letting prospects understand (and trust) what kind of value it can bring to their lives.

Company Story Videos

Remember what we said about humanizing your brand? Well, company story videos – or company culture videos – are purposely created for that.

The idea is to use these videos to create a strong and memorable connection with prospects and bring them closer to your business. And for that, they use a compelling narrative that mainly revolves around your brand’s core values and the awesome people behind your company – that is, your staff.

That said, every brand has a unique identity. So, your company stories will only impact your audience if they stay true to them. When developing your videos, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and show prospects there’s no other company like yours. Tell them how you like to do things and what you stand for.

Using the Right CTAs to Further People Down Your Marketing Funnel

Simply put, a Call to Action or CTA is a clear instruction that informs your subscribers what they should do after they finish reading your email. Depending on your target audience and email specific goals, a CTA can be many different things.

As you can imagine, CTAs can play a key role in helping you further prospects down your marketing funnel. But it’s important to remember here that, according to what stage of said funnel your subscribers are, some CTAs will fit better than others.

For example, prospects that are at the top of the funnel want information, not a sales pitch. They’re educating themselves about the problem they’re dealing with. So, email CTA buttons that usually work are “Download this free booklet”, “Learn more”, “Read more”, etc.

When in the last stage of the funnel, on the other hand, prospects are fully engaged with your brand. They know who you are and what you can offer them. Hence, you should focus on closing the deal with email CTA buttons such as “Call for a free consultation”, “Start your free trial now” or even a “Buy yours now” if you think it might work!

That said, emails have many different important elements – optimized subject line, copy, CTA, visual design – and each one has a specific purpose or function. But they should also work in tandem to help you convey your message. So, a CTA button will only be effective when it’s properly aligned with the rest of your email’s elements.

Pro Tip: Whether your CTA is to tell prospects to buy a product, visit your website, use a discount code, or read your blog, make sure it’s clear, prominent, persuasive, and actionable. 

Summing Things Up

Even today, emails remain one of the marketing channels with a higher conversion rate available. And, as we’ve learned today, no email is more effective than one that includes beautiful video content.

This amazing resource has proven to be ideal for creating unique experiences, engaging prospects, and making your email interactions more personal and meaningful. All while delivering important on-brand messages to make your business grow.

Just remember that, like every other marketing tool, it’s important to get its ins-and-outs to get the most out of it. Hopefully, these tips and best practices will help you create and implement the best video email campaign for your company!