Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas

Regardless of whether you believe romance is dead or not, Valentine’s Day is coming.

And for some businesses it’s especially good news.

To spare you the trouble thinking if you’re one of them, below you can see the list of the most popular gifts people choose to buy.

If the products/services you sell are not on the list, I’d suggest being very careful or even refraining from launching any Valentine’s Day marketing campaign. It may easily be perceived as far-fetched or ludicrous, harming the brand image you’ve worked so hard on.

However, if your business can take part in this upcoming shopping frenzy, it’s high time to make sure you have your Valentine’s Day marketing in place.

Infographic: The Most Popular Valentine's Day Gifts In The U.S. | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

Why is Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaign a good idea?

Valentine’s Day is one of the few dates when we give our frugality a break and spoil the ones we love.

Companies that don’t address this opportunity miss a great chance to make additional profits.

US National Retail Federation has checked what is the real value of Valentine’s Day’s business. The amount we pay can surprise even the most aware consumers:

  • Planned nationwide spend for Valentine’s Day is estimated at $19.6 billion, and it grows every year (source: NRF).
  • In 2018, each American bought gifts on average valued at $143.56,
  • Men spend twice as much as women for gifts for their loved ones, 
  • 26% of Americans declare they don’t celebrate this day however they are going to make an alternative party with family and friends. It’s not only couples holiday.
  • Surprisingly, many people buy gifts for their pets. The total cost of their purchases was $681 million, according to

How to engage your Valentine’s Day visitors?

As soon as the “Valentine’s Day traffic” starts flooding your website, it’s crucial to have some mechanism that will drive engagement and inspire purchase.

Here, at, we’ve pondered over the matter for a while and came up with 3 Marketing Automation ideas that will help you make the most of the incoming traffic.

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Scenario no. 1: Showcase your Valentine’s Day packaging in a chat message.

If you offer to send Valentine’s Day gifts in decorative packagings, it’s best to show it right away as it may give you an advantage over your competitors.

Consider creating a short video showing the packaging process and its final effect, stressing benefits for the buyer. As soon as you have the video prepared, use an automatic chat message to send it when a visitor lands on your website.

The automation flow would look like this:

  1. use the Page Visit trigger,
  2. check if the visitor has received the message before,
  3. wait a few seconds to let the visitor “settle in”,
  4. send the message with the video inside.
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Scenario no. 2: Adjust your main banner to each visitor.

First impressions matter the most. And in many e-commerces the first thing visitors see is the main banner.

To make sure people review your offer instead of bouncing off your homepage, adjust the banner on-the-fly so that it matches the visitor’s profile.

For the purpose of Valentine’s Day you should definitely personalize it with regards to visitors’ sex. Of course, you can add whatever other characteristics you find important (e.g., you can use the information about the device used and show more expensive products to people using iOS or MacOS, and less expensive to others).

How exactly do you do all this?

Having all banners designed, place them in separate HTML block modules and create a simple automation:

  1. set the Page Visit as a trigger,
  2. add filtering modules to determine which segment the visitor belongs to,
  3. at the end place the HTML Blocks you’ve created; they will change your website’s code on-the-fly and show appropriate images.
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Scenario no. 3: Create a chatbot suggesting gifts

We’ve all been there – you want to buy a gift, but have not a foggiest idea what it should be.

Many visitors surely have the same problem while buying gifts for their loved ones.

And in this case, it may work to your advantage.

Using your knowledge about the products you sell, come up with lists of exemplary products for different kinds of people. Then, launch a chatbot that asks several questions and based on visitors’ answers sends a list of suggested gifts.

Here’s how you can create such chatbot in

  1. use any trigger you find appropriate (scroll, button click etc.),
  2. send the first Chatbot message,
  3. check which answer the visitor has chosen,
  4. ask further questions,
  5. send the list with suggested gifts.
Use this automation


If you’re one of the lucky marketers who can use Valentine’s Day to make some additional profit for their companies, you shouldn’t hesitate even for a second.

Preparing customized marketing campaign will increase your sales and with the help of Marketing Automation you have a perfect chance to create a memorable, heart-winning experience.

Remember – if you’re willing to use one of the ideas above, you can do it for free during our 14-day trial period.


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