Top 12 Instagram Tips to Attract Leads for Your eCommerce Business

Are you looking to attract leads for your eCommerce business on Instagram? Well, converting Instagram followers to customers requires persistent efforts though it is a pretty easy task. As a popular social media, Instagram is a great platform that can help you establish, build, and boost your brand. Given such a situation, expecting profitable sales is quite reasonable. But how can you attract leads to your business on Instagram? There are some top Instagram marketing tips to learn and follow.

What Are Top Instagram Tips to Attract Leads for Your eCommerce Business?

Expand your knowledge of Instagram marketing if you want to attract leads for your eCommerce business on Instagram by reading the following tips: 

1. Create an Instagram Business Account

The first impression of a business account is that you are professional. Moreover, you can add your contact information – e.g. phone number, email address, and postal address – to your business account. It is advantageous in the sense that it can ease the connection between you and your followers. Furthermore, you can analyze your followers’ behavior using Instagram analytics and boost your engagement with the useful data you have attained. Eventually, you can run ads on Instagram and Facebook with even quite low budgets. 

2. Optimize Your Profile

This is how you can do it:

  • Username: Try to choose a username that is easy to search so that your account will show up in the search results when interested people search for a particular keyword.
  •  Profile Picture: It would be best if you use a logo to fixate your brand image on the minds of your audience. 
  • Bio: Bio is where you have the opportunity to present yourself in 150 characters. 
  • Link in Bio: Instagram allows you to add one link to your bio. So, you can add your eCommerce website link there and provide the opportunity of redirecting your followers to your website. If you want to add more than one link to your bio, it is possible using some AI tools that build up a link for you where all your social media and website links are kept. So, you only add one link but in practice, you add your social media links to Instagram bio.

Here is an Example by Nutella:

Source: Instagram – @nutella

3. Constantly Update Your Feed with New Posts and Stories

Depending on how high you prefer your engagement to be, you should be active in posting. If you cannot, outsource the task to an Instagram scheduling tool available even for free or for a low cost.

To get the maximum engagement, search for the dates and times during the week when your followers are active. You can achieve such data by taking a look at your Instagram analytics. 

4. Make Use of Instagram Features

Instagram has a lot of fun and exciting features that you can resort to if you want to have a better relationship with your followers. Communicating with your followers facilitates their entrance to your conversion funnel and they turn to customers easily.

If you want to know what your followers think of your last product, you can simply ask them in the caption of your post or use a poll sticker to see what percentage of your followers were satisfied or dissatisfied with it. Remember to reply to your comments if anything important is mentioned. Also, share the result of your poll and intrigue your followers to buy your product.

Here is how Sally Hansen asks the opinion of its followers:

Source: Instagram – @sally_hansen

5. Use Hashtags

People can find your account if they search for a particular hashtag. Pay attention to what your target audience might search for and use those words as hashtags in your captions. 

Instagram limitation for hashtags per post is 30 and per story is 10. So, you can open 40 new channels for your post and story to be seen if you add hashtags that have a reasonable number of daily usage. They should neither be too popular nor too unpopular.

Look at this example:

Source: Instagram – @travelingthroughthew

6. Internalize Your Content

One of your content strategies can be to post about your business itself; i.e. team members, behind-the-scene stories, business background, history, success stories, etc. Tell from where the idea of your business came and how you established your brand. Internalizing your content contributes a lot to build up a stronger relationship with your followers.

7. Inspire Your Followers

From a marketing perspective, we know that your sole aim is just to sell. But, from a more moralistic point of view, you should also add value to your audience.

Teach them a new skill like how to harmonize the colors of their shoes and clothes if you are active in the clothing industry. Think of a lesson or experience that you think can elevate their lives. Give them tips that are good for their well-being. 

Look at this example:

Source: Instagram – @victoriassecret

Here is a double effect: your followers learn something from you and they get more likely to turn into your customer. So, it may seem that you are getting far from your goals but at the end of the day, you can attract many leads to your business.

8. Organize Contests/Giveaways

Knowing that you will get something of value if you do a few things is exciting for almost everyone. So is for your followers! Organize contests with easy participation conditions. For instance, you can give a promo code to the winner if they post a photo with one of your products and tag you in the photo. Consequently, you gain a lot of User-Generated Content (UGC) and probably a lot of new followers in return for a promo code.

Source: Instagram – @shopcosabella

9. Do Influencer Marketing

Considering your budget, you can collaborate with micro or macro-influencers. Tell them that you are interested to have a partnership with them but do not force anything on them about promoting your product. Because their followers will notice and the result will be reversed.

10. Use Shoppable Posts

In addition to your website, you can also sell directly on Instagram if you have a Facebook catalog of products and meet some requirements. When your account gets approved, you can use shoppable posts and tag your products on your posts. 

Source: Instagram – @wetnwilditalia

11. Use Instagram Ads

You can use an Instagram ad regarding your budget. You can choose the target audience of your ad by limiting your ad to be shown to only 30-45-year-old men in London who like baseball, for example. Instagram ads have a lot of varieties; story ads, photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, collection ads, and ads in Explore. It’s generally not recommended to buy Instagram followers unless it’s through a reputable agency that will provide real, organic followers.

12. Ensure Customer Support

Show your followers that you care about customer satisfaction. Tell them that you are always available on live chat to solve their post-purchase issues. You can use ticketing software to manage your customer queries. Tell them also whether you have warranties, chargeback, exchange, etc. 


Building a strong relationship with your followers can significantly boost your engagement. It can attract leads to your eCommerce business and result in sales. Implement the mentioned Instagram marketing strategies to find your way to achieving your goals. Best of Luck!