3 Marketing Automation ideas to implement today

An older philosophy professor stood up before his students with an empty jar. He filled the jar to the top with rocks and asked if the container was full.

Students said yes.

Then, the professor poured sand to the jar to fill up all remaining empty spaces.

“And now, is it full?” – he asked.

Students agreed with him once again.

Why do we talk about rocks and sand on the marketing automation blog? Because that’s a popular analogy to time management, called rocks and sand story.

If you are done with your large rocks, and wondering on how to productively spend last hours of your workweek, this article is for you. Let’s fill your jar with some sand.

We prepared 3 marketing automation ideas that you can implement before the end of the day. What’s the best, they will pay off not only during your weekend absence but also increase your productivity in a long-term perspective.

Dynamic Page Content

Many companies create their homepage once and don’t change it ever again. In the age of marketing automation, keeping the website static is a huge waste of its potential.

Dynamic Page Content improves conversion rates by making the customer experience more intuitive and suitable. It’s one of the hottest trends in 2019 marketing.

How practically you can use dynamic page content?

  • show only offers that fits users sex/interests/location,
  • don’t pitch visitors that are already customers,
  • show related content, encouraging people to spend more time on your website.

How to create dynamic page content automation?

  1. Adapt selected offer to your visitors preferences, adding any characteristics that might attract them.
  2. Set the Page visit as the automation trigger.
  3. Choose the dynamic content you have created earlier. 
Dynamic Page Content Automation

Exit-intent popups

The attention span of the modern Internet consumer constantly decrease. People open so many tabs at once that they forget what they were looking for, and leave your website easily. You can ignore these users or convince them to stay.

Exit-intent popups not only gives you the last chance for interacting with visitors but also make them know what you are about. 

Intent-popups mechanism is simple. When the user moves a mouse cursor to leave the active browser tab, a message pops up. 

So, how to create your first exit-intent popup?

  1. Set the move to the ‘X’ button as a trigger.
  2. Choose a form that you want to show.
  3. Add tags: Mark users who have seen or filled the form. This way you’ll be able to track its conversion rate.

According to recent surveys, about 35% of Internet users can be persuaded to stay on your site by showing them an exit intent popup with a personalized offer.

Worth the effort, isn’t it?

Chat message during your absence

Keeping customer relationships strong and stable requires constant engagement. Although some business owners managed to stay always online, there are moments we can’t serve our clients.

Not every company can afford additional stuff covering different shifts or sometimes teams are overloaded with their daily duties. That’s why we created below automation – a chat message for the night or any other absence period.

How to set it up?

  1. Set up what kind of message starts your automation.
  2. Create a message that you would like to send. For example, ask your user for email to contact him when you will be available.
  3. Important! In save & exit option mark Enable this path only in specific hours and set up what time period you want to use it.
Chat message during your absence

Marketing Automation technology allows creating highly personalized communication, nurture leads, and generate sales. Its implementation might be a long-term project for your entire team, but there are certain quick wins left that you can implement even on Friday afternoon.

As we proved above, putting only 3 modules together can bring your marketing to the next level. And we think that lack of them is a waste of time.

Would you like to put theory into practice?

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