Seven Tips to Streamline Your Email Marketing Automation Strategy

Email Marketing has been one of the most powerful weapons for boosting brand power and customer engagement with maximum ROI and sales in the digital marketing world. But do you know you can achieve the maximum benefits with email marketing automation? Today, most businesses are leaning on email marketing automation strategies to lead their competitors and win prospects. However, to automate your well-developed email marketing strategy, you need some powerful email automation services, tools, and platform that elevates your potential just the right way. 

To build your company’s customer engagement arsenal, channelize your email marketing strategy, and gain deep analytics into your campaigns, here are the tips you have been looking for. 

Automate Customer Segmentation

The success of your company depends on how well you nurture your client base. You can develop your customer engagement, customer relationship, and brand loyalty by selecting the appropriate tools, email automation services, and quality-rich content. You can leverage automated email campaign tools and platforms with the customer information and metrics such as 

  • demographics
  • visiting frequency
  • purchase order frequency
  • open rates and more to create segments. 

Once you have performed customer segmentation, create a user group, and associate those users with an email campaign to automate your marketing campaigns.

Creating Effective Workflows

If you think workflows are just alive for project management purposes, you miss out on the flavours it offers. You can also use them for creating automated rule sets for your marketing campaigns. You can specify metrics such as customer segments, date, time, location, or other user behaviour to the defined workflows. Rest is the magic of the workflows! It will trigger automatic responses depending on your intended email campaigns. 

There are several workflow automation tools available for email campaign management available online. To help you create effective workflows, they provide:

  • stellar email templates, 
  • design editors and user interface, 
  • drag-and-drop features, 
  • branching, and more 

Email Campaign Triggers

On the heels of the point mentioned above, it is always best to inline the customers with email triggers. The smart design UI and drag-and-drop functionality of the workflows allows marketers to tailor, configure, and map email icons to actions such as 

After email triggers, you can configure the automatic responders with email templates for promotions, welcome emails, transaction emails, and on-time schedules.  

Reporting for Every Platform

These days email marketing has become more mobile-oriented than desktop ones. Email automation provides you enhanced reporting for every platform and user, such as

  • most viewed email campaigns, 
  • traffic through mobile, 
  • desktop, and other platforms, 
  • most and least viewed emails, 
  • most and least clicked links, and
  • top and least opened links and emails
  • most engaging email templates

You can also check if your platform enables you to analyze and get deeper insights into generating cross-platform reports to drive maximum traffic to your website organically. Also, do not forget to start using responsive email templates to automate your email campaigns. 

Campaign integration with social media

Social media has been a powerhouse for customer interaction and boosting sales. Thus, for an effective and result-driven email marketing campaign, integrate it with social media. It will help you drive customer engagement, brand loyalty and provide a quality-rich customer experience. Focus on creating social media templates as much as creating compelling and responsive email templates. To initiate a social media campaign, you must select the top-most engaging social channels. 

The next part is all about knowing your target audience, social media ads and effectively gaining insights about which campaign benefits your traffic ratio.

Win-over old customers

While you are busy with your existing and new prospects, do not miss out on your old and inactive customers. Automate email triggers to a segment of inactive customers who potentially seem to have forgotten your existence. 

You can also send them automated personalized emails about your services, products, and special offers to lure them and win them again. Try to reconnect and re-engage with your inactive subscribers with smart tactics such as:

  • sending welcome back offers
  • sending relevant emails with 
  • captivating subject lines, 
  • header texts, and 
  • CTAs. 

The goal of the email marketing automation strategy is to trigger emails to every customer – inactive and active and boost your sales and profits.

A/B Automation Testing

Building the most effective email marketing strategy is all about trial and error. Tools and platforms that provide email automation services will help you automate this process with A/B split tests for every test case you prepare. To analyze what suits your campaigns and drives the maximum customer engagement; you can conduct tests on the following: 

  • subject lines
  • email personalizations
  • email templates
  • CTAs 
  • design 

The aforementioned seven tips will help businesses streamline their email marketing strategy, coupled with automation. These email strategies will aid the success of campaigns in the near future, reducing manual intervention in the process and relieving resources in the bargain. You can also opt for a smart customer feedback mechanism that could help you gather insights from customers. With only a click, you can stay in touch with your customers and gather meaningful feedback to improve your services.