9 proven tips on how to sell your product

How to sell a product? It’s a question everyone in the marketing world is asking. 

whether they are from a local shop or an enterprise. The question is “How can we sell more?”. No matter how good the sales are, they can always be better, right? So companies spend every single day trying to attract more customers and increase their sales even more. However, the competition is now fiercer than ever and just having a good product is not enough. Customers themselves also started to be become picky – and with all the options at their disposal, who can blame them?

Fortunately, there’s plenty of ways how you can stand out of the crowd and convince your new and existing customers to shop more. Here are nine ways how!

Set a deadline for special sales

Every marketer wishes the customers would decide immediately what they want to buy and buy those items. Customers meanwhile often decide they have plenty of time to make a decision, but then they get distracted and forget about the product altogether. Unless they see there is a deadline for the product they want – then they act in a flash.

Your offers should always have deadlines – it can be a week, few days or maybe a one day flash sale. Don’t forget to send an email promoting these offers with a clear starting and ending date, so your customers know in advance about them – it’s also a good idea to sent a reminder day before the sales end.

Keep all costs visible

There’s nothing customers dislike as much as extra costs added to their purchase – whether it is shipping, tax, handling fees or any other expenses they didn’t know about before going to the checkout page. Even if they were interested in getting the item earlier, they are likely to turn away at the sight of extra costs. To avoid this, it’s crucial to have all additional costs visible to the customer, preferably right on the product page.

If you are selling worldwide, it’s a good idea is to offer a shipping fee calculator – a customer can learn what the approximate shipping cost will be before they started browsing, not in the checkout page.

Take care of your existing customers

Way too often existing customers are neglected in favour of attracting new ones. According to Annex Cloud, less than a third of businesses think that making customers return to them is their priority. But in reality, it’s the existing customers that give companies majority of their revenue –  they are more likely to shop again, spend more money on the products and also are much more likely to recommend your business to others.

Marketing Metrics found out that if a customer already bought something from your company, there is at least a 60%  chance that they will make buy something from you again, while there’s only 20% chance your new visitor will make a purchase.

That’s why taking care of your existing customers base is crucial: you can start by asking your customers about their ideas or suggestions, by rewarding customers who recommend your company to others or by giving something extra to your long-time customers. If your customers feel appreciated, they’ll definitely return!

Have a look at your mobile website

If you want to have more sales, you absolutely must take care of mobile users. Since mobile e-commerce is growing every day, ignoring mobile users means you are losing a good chunk of your potential customers. 62% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last six months – you definitely can’t afford to lose so many customers. So how can you prepare a mobile page convenient for mobile users?

  • Your website should be designed to adapt to the device screen intuitively size to give the most user-friendly experience
  • Make sure all buttons, links and calls to action are bigger to be easier to click and that there’s also enough space around to prevent errors.
  • Put phone numbers as text rather than images so users can simply click on it to call.
  • Increase the size and space around the menu items, so it’s easy for the user to read and tap on menu items, without accidentally clicking on something else.
  • Make all images optimised for mobile – large images not only take a good time loading, but they also eat a considerable part of the data plan.
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Give them a reason to trust you

Shopping online is fast and convenient way to make purchases  – and it’s a great opportunity for all kinds of scammers to cheat people out of their money. There isn’t a week where someone doesn’t fall victim to fake shopping sites, and with Christmas shopping spree incoming, the number of fake sellers will definitely increase. How can you show to your customers you are a trustworthy store and they will surely get the item they ordered?

Show them your trust seals – it’s a small banner showing your business has been verified, and all transactions are secure. CyberSource found that 85% of UK online shoppers look for trust signs on eCommerce sites before purchasing. What is more, trust badges can increase conversion rates by as much as 40%. The most trusted by customers seals are Verisign, McAfee and Paypal trust seals. There’s plenty of other security badges around but the less known the trust seal on the website is, the less likely the customer is to make a purchase there.

Make your offer crystal clear

No one has the time nowadays to read the fine print and long list of requirements for getting a discount or a promotion. The more complicated the offer is, the higher is the chance of customer getting scared or distracted and leaving. So if you want people to decide fast, they need to immediately understand what they have to do and what’s in it for them. Clearly state what the customers need to do and what they can gain in exchange – for example, get a big discount if they buy a product using a unique discount code, working only for two days.  

Offer a variety of payment and shipping options

Plenty of times I wanted to buy something from a store, only to see they offer only one or two payment/shipping options (neither of which is the one most convenient for me) so I left the shop without completing a purchase. A large number of customers act in the same way – they want to see they have more options to pay for the purchase and to get it delivered to them than just the usual credit card and courier. It’s especially important if you cater to international customers – giving them a fast and easy way to pay for their order and get it delivered to them is a must. Think also about offering mobile payments option – 29.4% of iPhones users and 17% of Android phone users have used their phones to pay for their purchases, so it’s worth it to make them able to pay for their orders this way. As a small business yourself, you shouldn’t forget about credit card processing fees either. In the long run, that could save you a lot of money.

Offer free shipping…with conditions

The biggest reason why people change their minds about buying a product are often the shipping costs – if there’s no real price difference between buying the product in a store and ordering it online, then there’s no reason why a customer should pick the online store. Sometimes the shipping costs actually make the product more expensive when ordering online and that’s a sure way to put off customers. That’s also why offering free shipping is such a strong magnet for customers – 9 out of 10 consumers say free shipping is the what encourages them to shop and spend online more (Walker Sands).

However, offering free shipping on every order is more likely to get you broke than have higher sales – so you need to add specific conditions to the free shipping offer. The most popular option is offering free shipping when a customer hits a minimum order value, but plenty of companies also offer free shipping on when ordering certain products, signing up to their newsletter or just for one particular day. When offered free shipping, customers are much more likely to spend more money or to sign up for your newsletter, just to qualify for it.   

Speed up your page

Your customers are not that patient anymore to wait several seconds until the store website will load –  40% of customers leave a site that doesn’t fully load in three seconds or less. For every second longer that your website is loading, your conversion rates drop around 7%.  Besides, the more time your customer has to wait for the page to load, the higher the chance they will change their mind or get distracted.

If your website isn’t lightning fast, it’s high time you took care of it. Often the biggest culprit of slow website loading is too many things on the website – HD photos, videos, animations, plugins and so on. Remove all that’s unnecessary and optimise the rest – it’s especially important for making the page load faster on mobile phones.

Customers are fickle creatures nowadays, and it’s no longer as easy to persuade them to buy your products as it was earlier, the competition is also much more prominent.  But there’s plenty of ways in which you can stand out and make your customers buy more, more often.

  • Let your customers know for how long your promotion is available – and remind them when it ends.
  • Keep shipping costs, customisation costs or any other extra charges visible on the main page
  • Focus on your existing customers – they are more likely to buy products from you.
  • Optimise both your regular website and your mobile website – the faster it loads, the better
  • Make your special offers easy to understand
  • Think about offering mobile payments – more and more customers use them to pay for their purchases.   
  • Free shipping is a great lead magnet but always set conditions

Do you have other suggestions on how to get more sales? What worked for you?

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