Proven Sales Prospecting B2B Strategies to Close Deals

You might have spent hours researching your prospective client and uncovering all their secrets. Then, you have prepared the perfect B2B sales strategy to sell your product or service. But you’re nervous and keep thinking – will you be able to close?

B2B sales is not a mere transaction. It’s a business deal where all parties are satisfied. When done right, it can be lucrative and life-changing. You need to make the client realize your value proposition and the benefits of your service/products.

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Understand the Buyer’s Journey

When you’re aware of your prospect buyer’s journey, you will be able to sell your products more efficiently. As more than 73% of millennials are involved in crucial buying decisions for their companies, you can guess that they’re tech-savvy.

Googling products, reading online reviews, checking social media posts of the companies they’re into – it’s all a part of their buyer’s journey. So, you need to understand at what stage your prospect is to grab their attention quickly. 

You need to find out the answers to these questions – 

  • What are your prospect’s pain points?
  • How are they trying to solve their problems? (Various research methods) 
  • Which services and products do they like? 
  • Who are the people involved in the decision-making process? 
  • How ready are they to buy? 

Analyze Your Leads 

You need to evaluate your prospect or leads before implementing your B2B sales strategy. It is essential because not everyone interested in your product will make a purchase. So, you need to go out this systematically.

Identify their Problem

You have to research your prospect and communicate with them to understand their problem. Figure out the products/services they’ve used before – what worked and what did not. It will help you know whether your product will suit the prospect.  

Find Out What They Understand

Next, you have to know whether your prospect understands the qualities of your product. 

Some prospects are smart and know what they want. However, that’s not the case for everyone, so be prepared. You have to make sure that your prospect understands how your product will solve their issues. It will take you a step further in closing the deal.

If you sort these things out, you will be sure if a prospect is worth chasing or not. 

Get Ready for the Meeting 

Schedule a meeting when you’re confident that your prospect’s needs align with your products/services. Even if you cold-called clients before, a meeting will let you connect with the client more. It will increase your chances of sealing the deal.

Market research states that almost 77% of B2B marketing professionals prefer video calls over phone calls. So, schedule your video call and be prepared for asking some intriguing questions – 

  • What’s their area of operation and requirements?
  • Who’s their target market?
  • What are their long-term and short-term goals?

Ask these questions very simply over the video call or in-person meeting. Don’t sound too pushy, as a business are tired of sales executives only focused on closing. 

Instead, be friendly and try to show how you are their ultimate problem-solver. It will also help you personalize the entire experience for the client, making them trust you more. 

Make a Proposal Enriched with Social Proof 

Now that you have a clearer idea about your prospective buyer, it’s time to prepare your proposal. But your proposal must help you fight off other competition and make a lasting impression. So, pack it with tons of social proof. 

You must include the following to make a kickass proposal – 

  • Case studies showing your product value 
  • Top user reviews, testimonials, and user-generated content highlighting your product’s benefits 
  • Market research and statistics qualifying your product 
  • Influencer reviews and interviews (if any) 

If you want to take it up a notch, an exciting presentation might help the prospect visualize your product’s case studies. While describing the case studies, show how your product solves a customer’s problems.

Talk More About “Us” than “You”

You have to be extra careful about the language you use while talking to a prospect. Instead of treating your prospect as a customer, communicate with them like you’re a team. And that is where “Us” comes instead of “You”. 

So, instead of saying things like, “You will benefit from our products,” say, “We will benefit from this deal involving our products.” Check out the following statements to boost Your B2B sales strategy – 

  • How can we move forward? 
  • Where can we begin? 
  • This product/solution/service will be perfect for us
  • Can we agree on these steps? 

The more you make the prospect feel like a team, the more they will be by your side. This way, the prospect will say more yes than no to the questions you ask. 

Close the Deal 

You probably have looped the prospect in by now and are inching towards the end goal – the close. Be a bit quick at the stage, so the prospect doesn’t second guess you and looks elsewhere. 

Reiterate how your services will help the prospect solve their problems and help them boost sales. Show relevant statistics if you want, but be a little aggressive. 

Always be prepared with the required documents and formal arrangements. It will speed things up when the prospect is ready for the final agreement. Also, contact your company authorities to make arrangements for onboarding the client. 

Prompt arrangements will display your level of professionalism and confidence in your product. It will make closing simpler! 

Summing Up 

You closed the deal, congratulations! However, your work isn’t done yet. Explain your onboarding process clearly to your client. Offer a seamless onboarding experience and follow-up frequently. 

If they’re facing issues while using your service/software, offer them access to learning materials. You can also assign some customer service employees to address the new client’s queries dedicatedly. Try to be available by email, phone, or chat to help them out.For your brand’s development, start tracking the results. That includes sales productivity, lead generation, and sales revenue. Also, you can remove any B2B sales strategy that didn’t work and mark those that helped you close