How to get Marketing Automation for WordPress?

Running an e-Commerce store involves a huge amount of time and activities to do. You have to be aware of everything that’s happening around your business: follow up on the daily sales, researching your competition, and ensuring high-quality support for your customers. 

WordPress is an open source system, used by millions of people around the world, and every day the WP community grows. It’s recommended by everyone because it’s easy and free for programming. But, no matter you build your online store based on WordPress, or any other system, your biggest pain point is probably lack of time.

Can you imagine your business without all these myriad todo’s? This is possible, and actually, this is one of the main benefits of marketing automation. 

Work Smarter with Marketing Automation

How to use Marketing Automation for WordPress?

Marketing Automation has become one of the most important trends in digital marketing. 

How does it work?

At a very high-level marketing automation campaigns send specific content to leads, collected thanks to information won thanks to the cookies Internet users leave on each website. 

Businesses around the world track their users to get to know them better because only knowing your recipient you can communicate effectively. That’s why we are used to receiving personalized offers from online stores which we visit, or mailings reminding about the abandoned shopping carts.

This is the Personalized Marketing Communication in the practice.

Running your business site on the WordPress you probably noticed there are multiple plugins available that make your work easier. But have you ever considered applying Marketing Automation plugin to your eCommerce business?

If not, read further.

  • Almost 70% of the respondents find improved targeting of messages is the most important benefit of marketing automation (“The Benefits and Challenges of Marketing Automation”, 2017).
  • 64% of e-commerce marketers say email marketing and marketing automation contributes to more sales.

Even as a small or medium-sized market contributor, you can apply this solution to your company. See how it’s done by large brands, and try similar tactics for your site.

Example 1.

Joy the Store: Re-engaging your inactive customers.

Personalized communication mailing
Source: Joy the Store

Never give up on the inactive customers. Instead of focusing only on acquiring new leads, wake up your dormant clients with personalized email campaign. Keep it simple and create an atmosphere of urgency, Joy the Store made it very well. 

Example 2.

River Island: Special offer for premium users.

Marketing Automation for Black Friday Special Mailing
Source: River Island

All we want being watched and cared, your customers too. River Island knows about it, and as Black Friday weekend came, they sent a time-limited discount code to the selected group of loyal customers. While using MA technology, this mailing can be prepared within a few clicks.

Example 3.

Sephora: tempting reminder of last watched items.

Personalized mailing campaign shopping cart abandonment
Source: Sephora

How many times did you watch the product, added it to the shopping cart and forgot about the whole shopping? Sephora knows this mechanism and they always have a reminders to prevent from abandoned shopping carts. 

These are only classic examples of using Marketing Automation in eCommerce business by large retailers. Would you like to try your own automations?

How to install Marketing Automation plugin?

Though the automation sounds scary for many users, you don’t need to hire a programmer to get MA for your website. See a step-by-step instruction based on tool and WordPress:

  1. Download the plugin here.
  2. Go to your WordPress dashboard Plugins. Add New and choose Upload Plugin.
  3. Choose the .zip file you have just downloaded.
  4. Go to dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins and find UserEngage. Click Activate.
  5. Go to Settings. Paste your API key. You can get one under this link

Not sure if Marketing Technology suits your business?

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