How Marketing Automation improves sales performance?

All we know how powerful is marketing automation, and here on the blog many times I was convincing you that it makes a difference. However marketers have already tried this technology, many sales reps doubt how it might help them to generate more revenue. And they miss a fantastic opportunity both on saving time and improving their leads database.  

How to tap Marketing Automation technology into sales results?

Get automated CRM and improve sales productivity

Sales reps hate CRM. It keeps them far away from sales and requires lots of time maintaining high-quality data in the system. They use it as little as possible to focus on what really matters – the sale. This behaviour, however highly understandable has certain consequences in reality. Low data accuracy or lack of data makes managing sales team complicated. CRM merely serves as a trustworthy background for insights about sales performance.

Sales automation does all these automatically. Less data entering manually seems more time you can spend on sale. Recent studies show that marketing automation drives up to a 14.5% increase in sales productivity.

Consider CRM, if:

  • You want to manage deals effortlessly and get a clear view of your current situation.
  • You are looking for advanced reporting tool.
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Determine hot leads without manual work

Implementing Marketing Automation you should take advantage of lead scoring. You can’t nurture all your leads in the same way. If you don’t separate your whales from plankton, you won’t be as effective as you could be.

Lead scoring is a technique that will increase your awareness where your prospective customers are in the sales funnel. It allows dividing your users into two groups.

The first group consists of contacts that gained the highest score (hot leads) and can be sent directly to sales reps. The second group are users that need a little more nurturing yet. What’s the most important, you can take the subjectivity out of the process and clearly understand which leads are the most likely to convert.

What’s the best about lead scoring?

  • Hot leads are determined with a few clicks,
  • Less manual work,
  • No more cold calling

Gather more data with chatbot

Some people trust chatbots more than support agents. Want to know yet more about your potential customers? Enable chatbot on your website.

Marketing Automation lets you creating full chatbot conversations on the basis of predefined users answers. All the information given by your website visitor will be saved in his individual user profile and connected with your CRM.

How it works? See our example:

  1. Chatbot begins a conversation sending nps survey salesforce
  2. User answers the question
  3. The information from users is automatically saved in his profile and transferred to the CRM system.
Conversation with chatbot made by
Individual user profile after conversation with

Consider chatbot if:

  • you spend too much time copy-pasting details about each lead,
  • want to understand your user’s pain points and frequently asked questions,
  •  your team is overloaded with work, so there’s no time to instantly help your website visitors. 

Chatbot is just one of the ideas. You can also use speech to text solutions to make the most of your sales calls, chats, and meetings.

Automate your sales activities dashboard

Never let a prospect slip through the cracks again. Have you ever lost a deal because you forgot about the follow up call? Marketing Automation not only streamlines processes but also saves time thanks to reminders about activities that have to be done in order to close a deal, e.g. meetings, calls or emails.

Many sales managers struggle with keeping control over-dispersed results which are impossible to calculate with non-intuitive CRM. Marketing Automation and sales enablement app fills this gap.

It helps to summarize your financial achievements on the end of a month and creates deal profiles for each user. You can see detailed statistics on how many deals are won/lost, what are your conversion rates or how many deals were created in a specific date range for each of your agents.

Show customized offers with dynamic page content

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Customers judge your website within a few seconds so your offer relevancy is crucial in these first minute. If you want to decrease the bounce rate and get more conversions – dynamic page content is for you.

Although it’s not strictly about sales, it has a huge impact on the number of closed deals. It allows you to personalize user experience, and gain customers trust. In effect, the revenue grows.

What are the advantages of Dynamic Page Content?

  • You can adjust your page content to each visitor based on their browsing history, clicked ads or information from your CRM.
  • You decided who sees different variations of your website, based on their tags, scoring or other data.
  • No more randomness. You can show offers a particular person viewed, added to wishlist or interacted with in any other way.
Personalized offer and dynamic page content at app

Marketing Automation Technology reduces manual work on your CRM database and help sending right message to the right prospects. Even though you aren’t a marketer, it’s worth to give a serious try to the MA tools.

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