How to make your customers coming back?

If you make your customers happy, they will always be coming back.

Sounds simple? Building customer loyalty is a long term project, that doesn’t bring instant results. This is one of the reasons why many companies never establish a solid customer loyalty strategy.

The good thing is that you can’t buy customer loyalty. It’s something you need to earn, and it makes your company unique while you finally get it.

1. What is Customer Loyalty?

In simple words, Customer Loyalty is the positive relationship between a customer and brand that care to meet customer’s needs. Loyal customers choose the only one brand’s products or services, and they are not willing to switch their preferences over a competitive firm. It’s a critical element of a long term, successful business.

2. Why you always have to make your customers coming back?

  • Because it’s cheaper than looking for new ones. Acquiring new clients is from 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining the existing ones, depending on industry (
  • Loyal customers buy more. They buy 90% more often and spend 60% more per transaction, according to Rosetta Consulting study.
  • Investments in customer loyalty programs are trending up. Almost 60% marketers plan to increase spending in customer loyalty programs, which is much highest score than last year (

3. How to build loyalty?

Back to basics, focus on 3 main pillars that create User Loyalty:

#1 Offering the best version of your product/service.

Be honest with your client and offer the right quality. People quickly forget the price, but always remember your failures.

#2 Seeing the human in your client.

Typical work day of many business owners finishes so fast that we forget that behind the computer screen there’s a human being.  Having care to your clients and treating them as individuals will pay off.

#3 Creating personalized communication.

Create customer tailored communication and nail it. It’s not only about inserting the name of your prospect to automatically sent emails.

Design a great customer experience: switch your multichannel approach to omnichannel and give a serious try to this unusual tactic.

Omni-channel approach connects all customers touch points. That means that your customers can be rewarded for their engagement, no matter which communication channel with your company they choose.

The excellent example of omnichannel approach is Disney. The brand integrated its website with mobile and trip planning website called My Disney Experience.

Source of the Image

Traveling to Disney Park, you can use this tool to locate the attractions you want to see, check the estimated wait time and even collect all pictures made with Disney characters during the whole trip. This brand perfectly integrates the brick-and-mortar shops experience with website and traveling.

You may also look for some stealth wealth signs in your customer behaviour to tailor your offer even further.

Want to learn more about the omnichannel strategy?

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Many brands forget about their clients whenever they pay for the product or service, but this is not the way you can grow your business.

Providing customers with an extraordinary, personalized experience will ensure that they come back, and stay loyal to your brand.

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