5 Tips for Super Converting CTA [capsule guide]

CTA buttons are some of the most important elements on your site.

You can see them anywhere, even if you don’t realize it. Any website, transactional mailing or a newsletter can’t exist without these little, inconspicuous buttons.

Is the green button better than a red one? Should you include emojis or it’s better to keep the plain text only? Does the button colour even matter?

The Internet is full of good pieces of advice but I believe that running a business is not about reading long, 3000+ words articles. That’s why here we prepared a capsule guide on how to create a CTA button that converts.  

Ready, steady… Go!

How to get the most of your CTA?

Call-to-action (CTA) as its name entails is a text or image inducing users to take a certain action. It has one goal: to get your website visitor clicking and completing a conversion.

From the other side, CTA guides your users to the next place in their customer journey – playing a role of visual signs on the way to the final engagement, which is choice of your product or service.

Get to know the most important rules you should follow to achieve high conversion thanks to perfectly used CTA.

Rule no. 1: Snackable copy

The shorter is your copy, the hardest is to form the clear message. If you don’t want to overweight your button with the words, always start with ‘why’.

Why should your user click the button? Why do you want him/her to take the action?

Nowadays your audience are more mobile users, than at any time before. People consume content during their standard activities, e.g. browsing the Internet while going to work, waiting in the queue or relaxing on the sofa.

It means that all your messages need to be easy to digest, and snackable.

Always set a clear communication that doesn’t push people to analyze your button longer than a few seconds. It must be readable at first glance. Your visitors need to see a compelling message, and you need to know what is the purpose of your CTA, both on a blog, in email marketing, and landing page.

Rule no. 2: Actionable words

Here the biggest challenge is a strategic choice of words for your copy. The more personal you make your appeal, the higher the chance is your message will convert.

However using simple words like ‘Submit’, ‘Register’ or ‘Download’ seems encouraging, it’s a crummy idea if you really want your visitors to convert. Present you CTA from the user’s point of view so your communication will be much more actionable.

How? Look at Neil’s website. It’s a perfect example how copy with 1st Person, make the message more engaging:


Rule no. 3: Choose the best location

There’s a huge discussion on the Internet about the button colours, but in fact, more important is its location. Insert your CTA in the central place of your website or mailing. This will avoid unnecessary competition between the button and other elements.

You can use these three tactics while creating your CTA:

  •  in case of the landing page, use a heatmap for finding the most effective location for the button,
  •  use contrasting colors to pay your users’ attention,
  • get the most of the negative space around the CTA. Some blank spaces around it will make your CTA more catchy.
Place your CTA in the best place using the heatmap

Rule no. 4: It’s a button. It must be clickable

Not surprising? We have seen too many CTAs looking like another static element of the landing page. 

Simply speaking, CTA shouldn’t be a gif, either meme. It’s a button so it has to look like a button.

Rule no. 5: Constantly test your CTA

Whether it’s an email campaign or landing page, you should always test it.

Don’t be afraid of preparing 2 to 3 different variants of the same message, because it’s the only way you can get a perfect final version. Even a small change in your CTA can make a great difference in your conversion.

Key takeaways


  • Be clear in what you are asking the visitor,
  • Keep your copy personal and friendly,
  • Use actionable words.


  • Use negative space as a tool for improving CTA effectiveness,
  • Get a heatmap to locate the button reasonably,
  • Never count on assumptions, test different variants of your CTA.
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