14 Lead magnets that help you to sell more

All companies want to have a big list of subscribers and a steady income of new ones.

But how to get those?

Besides, every single website and every company want to get their email, so customers have every reason to be picky. To get their attention, you need to offer them something in return for their email address.

You need a lead magnet.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a special incentive that marketers offer to potential leads in exchange for their email address.

They come in various shapes – ebooks (most used option), videos, templates, discounts, event tickets and many more.

If you want to generate leads online today, then your business needs a lead magnet, end of discussion. In the earlier days of the of the internet, you could simply ask internet users for their email. And very likely, they would agree on this without many issues. Unfortunately, nowadays this strategy is doomed to failure.

Email is treated as far too important and too personal thing to be just handed away to anyone. Especially in the age of never-ending war with spam emails and with email fraudsters on the rise.

To get their email addresses, you have to convince your future customers to trust you and offer them something in return. But with so many companies around trying to do the same thing, you can’t just provide a random ebook or a PDF.

You need to have a right lead magnet for the right audience.

How to create the right lead magnet?

You don’t need any lead magnet, just to have it. You need something that gets customers interested in your offer – who needs a lead magnet that gets mostly ignored?

A good, useful lead magnet should:   

  • Solve a customer’s problem. If the lead magnet doesn’t help a customer achieve his goal or solve his problem faster and easier, he won’t be interested in it.
  • Give them an immediate benefit. Getting the lead magnet must mean your customer will be able to achieve something much easier and faster than without it.
  • Be easy to use and understand. One of the major reasons why checklists and infographics tend to convert better than ebooks and several pages long articles is because lists can be used immediately and are easy to understand, compared to ebooks which might overwhelm people.
  • Be valuable. Your lead magnet should have a real value to your customers. Tricking them into subscribing by exaggerating the value of the lead magnet never ends well.   
  • Be possible to use right away. Customers expect they will get the gift straight away, so your lead magnet must be something that can be delivered immediately.

The most popular and most often seen lead magnet is an ebook – you probably saw “Subscribe for a free ebook” a dozen times.

The problem with ebooks nowadays though is they are often too long, too detailed and are impossible to use straight away.

Who has the time to read 230 pages ebook?

What is more, ebooks were used so often as lead magnets that their effectivity lowered quite a bit.

Lack of idea what you can use instead of an ebook? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of other things you can use as lead magnets and to a great effect.

See below 14 lead magnets that work equally well (and sometimes even better) than ebooks!

Lead magnets that really work:


All kinds of “To-do” lists and checklists are super popular with companies. They are easy to create, easy to offer and don’t cost a cent.

Customers love them too because a checklist summarises everything the user needs to know into one, easy to use actionable list. They give clear instructions on what you need to have and to do to finish a task, all in max two pages.

Another great thing about checklists is that they can be used in all kinds of industries – for example, if you have a cooking blog, you can prepare a checklist on how to make one of your dishes, complete with an ingredient list.

Bonus points if the checklist is printable so people can print it and tick off each item on the list!


A template is any document that gives an outline of something and users only have to download it, fill the empty spaces with specific, and they can use it straight away.

You surely used templates plenty of times yourselves,  your customers like them a lot too.

Not only templates save quite a lot of time your customers would need to write them themselves, but they also don’t need to fear they will make mistakes – all they need to do is to fill the blanks, and the template can be used it immediately.


There are situations where neither a checklist or a template will work, and customers might need a word-for-word explanation of what they need to write or to stay – for example when they are replying to an email or making a cold call.

That’s where a script with a list of useful phrases or headlines comes in handy. Instead of spending time on trying to think what to say, customers have a ready script to be used – all they need to do is to fill the empty spaces with the details they need, and they are ready to go.  

Calendar or a planner

People are in such a hurry nowadays that without a day planner or a calendar they would quickly get lost and forget about plenty of things they were supposed to do.

Why not use it to your advantage?

No matter what industry your customers are in, they would surely appreciate it if you offered them a handy planner or a calendar slide they can fill in, print out and hang in a visible place.

Even better if you can customize the calendar/planner by adding extra tips for specific industries –  like marketers, salesperson or designers.

Gated Content

One of the fastest and easiest lead magnets to create – simply because you are using the content you already have!

If you have a detailed blog post or a guide, you can let your customers see a part of it and then “lock” the rest of the article to be visible only for your email subscribers.

If a customer is interested in reading the rest of your blog post or guide, they will sign up. But you don’t have to use only blog posts – recorded webinars or infographics will work great too!


Statistical data and marketing reports are great leads magnets if you target industries that rely on statistical data or detailed research but it’s also an excellent source for bloggers.

You can either do the research yourself, use the information you collected earlier or put together data from various sources into one report.

Also, a detailed and comprehensive report on a topic will help you show yourself as an authority.


Webinars are a fantastic lead magnet for several reasons. Internet users find it much easier and more enjoyable to watch content than to read it.

Webinars also allow customers to see and hear you, which give them a sense of comfort and security. They see you in person and hear what you have to say, so their trust in you increases.

An added benefit of live webinars is that they occur at a specific date and that the number of entrants is limited, so customers feel a sense of urgency and a “fear of missing out” so they are much more likely to give their email address in exchange for the access to the webinar.


People love all sorts of quizzes. They are fun, engaging and depending on the answer people give, quizzes will give different results – all tailored to a person who filled it.

Quizzes are also incredibly useful as lead magnets. All you need to do is to ask the customer to give his email address to get his results. You can quickly build your own with an intuitive online quiz maker – they usually come with many built-in features and external integrations to help you make the most of it. And, with complex analytical options you can actually verify how you’re doing.

What is more, quizzes are super easy to share. If a customer shares his quiz results on his social media and get his friends interested in it, you’ll get plenty of leads in no time.


Contests and giveaways can be a massive source of new subscribers – who doesn’t like the opportunity to win free stuff, just by signing to a newsletter or filling a survey?

However, keep in mind that while the prize can be small (according to one study, small prizes like brand gadgets or a discount coupons works better than big and expensive prizes!), it has to be relevant to your brand.

Sure, you can offer a new smartphone in a giveaway, and you will get plenty of new subscribers, but you will lose them right after the giveaway ends. Those people weren’t interested in your brand, only in the smartphone.


If you offer brand gadgets or something from your company catalog, you will get fewer subscribers but those that are interested in your brand and might buy from you in the future.

Free training courses and tutorials are incredibly popular. Plenty of customers want to learn something new and useful, but they don’t have the money or the time for a regular course.

Offering a free tutorial or a training course on a subject you know not only will get you plenty of new leads, but it will also show you as an expert in your field.

Before you make on though, think about what format would be most useful for your audience. Video tutorials are most popular, but for a busy audience, an audio version might be a better choice.


If a regular image is worth a thousand words, an infographic is worth several times more.

Infographics are a combination of text (statistics, facts, tips or any other relevant information) and an image – and they work amazingly.

They are eye-catching, easy to understand and far more engaging than just a simple text.

What is more, it’s much easier for your customers to remember information presented in an appealing visual form than when using plain text, so infographics are great tools for educating your customers.


If you have a store (a typical brick and mortar or an online store), creating and offering a catalog of your products is a great way to get not only emails but physical addresses and phone numbers too.

Some of your website users might be already interested in what you are offering, and they are looking for specific products – and their prices.

A catalog might be just what they need! Even better if you could provide a small discount in each catalog.


Some people do want to read your guide, your articles or use your guide but they have no time for that. There is also plenty of people who would rather listen to content while they are stuck in the traffic jam or driving on the bus.

Why not offer an mp3 version of your most popular guides or articles that people could listen to on their phones or their mp3 players?

Even if those customers have no time to read your blog, they will be able to use your content when they have free time (for example during a morning jog).

Free samples

Do you sell beauty products or consumables?

Offering free samples of your product is an excellent way of getting not only email address but also the physical address of your customers. And if they enjoyed the free version of your product, they’ll surely come back for more

Nothing of the mentioned seems like the right choice for your business? Need more inspiration? As a bonus, here are 10 more ideas!

It’s hard to get leads nowadays without a magnet or with a so-so lead magnet. But there are so many different lead magnets to use, you’ll surely find something that works for you.

Just remember that if you want to build a high-quality list with people who are interested in your business, you need to attract them using something they will find valuable. It can be something that will help them learn a new skill, finish a task faster or their problem.

What kind of lead magnets are you using for your business and why? How do they work?  Let us know in the comments below!
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