How to Use Blogging to Generate Leads for Your Ecommerce Store

As ecommerce around the world continues to grow at an unprecedented pace, competition for every online store is expected to become hotter by the day. With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the world since early 2020 showing no signs of ebbing anytime soon, we can expect an increasing number of businesses and individuals opening ecommerce stores.This brings us to a vital question: What can every ecommerce store do to survive such stiff competition that’s only going to get fiercer in coming years? The answer is: generate leads. Because with proper handling, leads can translate as customers which in turn can become loyal clients for your online store.

One of the effective, time tested and proven ways to generate leads for your ecommerce store lies in blogging. Indeed, this might come as a surprise to many entrepreneurs that already have online stores and marketplaces.

Therefore, let’s explore how to use blogging for generating leads for your ecommerce store.

Using Blogging to Generate Leads for Ecommerce Store

The first step to use blogging to generate leads for your ecommerce store lies in comprehending the fact that creating and operating a blog isn’t some rocket science as most people would wrongly imagine. Therefore, I suggest you watch some YouTube video or a blogpost for step-by-step tutorials on starting a blog. This can go a long way to help you open a blog that helps your ecommerce store.

And here’re some excellent ways to use blogging to generate leads for your ecommerce store.

Treat Prospective Customers as Researchers

Blogging empowers a prospective buyer like nothing else. Because most customers are now also researchers. Meaning, they’ll research carefully about a product or service before making a final decision to buy.

Surveys indicate clearly that between 75 percent and 82 percent of all buyers read blogs about various products or services they wish to buy, to make an informed choice. Surveys also show that over 90 percent of all consumers tend to trust blogs more compared over company websites and expensive advertisements. 

Generally, every consumer expects to find an unbiased, independent and honest review or content about whatever they wish to buy when they refer to blogs during their primary and secondary stages of buying. You can even compile them in lists, e.g. if you sell Maxi Cosi, you can create a Maxi Cosi Test subpage.

And what they read in the blog vastly impacts their final decision to actually place an order.

Therefore, the best way to generate leads for your ecommerce store is by providing honest, engaging and relevant content or reviews about the products you’re offering.

Unleash Power of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is something that most bloggers use for making a lot of money from their blogs. They’ll provide affiliate links on their content. And whenever a person buys from your online store using these links, you’ve to pay the blogger a small commission.

You too can unleash the power of affiliate marketing for your ecommerce store. This can be done in two ways. The first is by providing affiliate links to products on your ecommerce store on your own blogs. The second is by roping in other bloggers to work as your affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketing offers several newer channels to generate leads for your ecommerce store. You can tip the balance in your favor by offering a small discount to prospective and promising leads that generate from affiliate marketing on own or other blogs.

Furthermore, affiliate marketing works wonderfully with blogs. You will pay the affiliate commissions only on confirmed purchases. This means, you’re using blogs as free marketing channels on multiple websites and paying for only those where your lead converts as customer.

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Build Your Email List

You might be hearing a lot of arguments that email marketing is a thing of the past or a waste of resources. On the contrary. Email marketing remains highly relevant till date and is a superb resource that you can get from your blog to generate leads for your ecommerce store.

When you create and post interesting, relevant and timely content on your blogsite, it’s possible to gather a lot of followers. People that read your blog are invariably those who’re interested in buying what you’re talking about. And such people would definitely love to follow your blog because your content offer them something.

Such followers would willingly give you their email ID and name to receive updates or newsletters from your blog. And these email IDs are vital to generate that very important email list. 

Here, it’s worth remembering that almost every person that subscribes to your newsletter or updates is a potential lead and future customer. Else, why would they even bother to subscribe? Leverage this email list to generate more leads and convert them as clients through your blog.

In Conclusion

The above three techniques are fairly simple. However, they would require some effort such as proper digital marketing processes and writing superb content. However, these are the best ways to use blogging to generate lead for your online business.