How To Hustle Your Blog Posts With Link Building

Most blog writers are missing an important step in their writing process.

Here’s a common process for writers:
1. The writer will research their topic keyword and do some research…
2. Write, edit, and publish it…
3. And share it on social and email. 
4. And that’s it.

But, there is one step at the end that most blog writers ignore, that can be critical for that post reaching a wider audience.


Without promotion, the blog post is only going to reach the blog’s existing audience, and anyone’s who shares it on social media. To help your content reach that wider audience, you have to hustle for it. It’s competitive out there, so just “writing good content” doesn’t do the trick anymore. A promotion strategy can ensure that the blog post ranks higher in search engines and reaches more people.

Whether it’s for a blog post you write or you get from a content writing service, there are a few steps you should take to help it get better exposure, rank in search engines, and drive traffic.

Link Building Strategies

To promote your blog post, we’re going to do link building outreach, also often referred to as “blogger outreach.” 

This process entails finding other relevant websites to pitch promoting your content.

Think of yourself like a boxing promoter, but for digital marketing: your job is to get people to watch the fight, so you go on TV and to the media and tell everyone how this is the greatest fight in the history of mankind. And that in turn gets people to tune in and earns everyone involved more money.

So, you are going to need to employ a few different strategies to connect with blogs, get their contact details, and pitch them your content. We’ll discuss them below.

And in the following section we’ll share some tools to help you do each of these steps in the process.

A. Resource Pages

One particularly effective strategy for outreach is called Resource Page Outreach. With this strategy, you find other blogs that publish lengthy blog post guides and resources on a given topic.

Here, you are going to find these resource posts and pitch them to include your amazing content in their post.

Resource pages are plentiful online, for every industry and topic. Just do a search for “[your keyword] resources” and you are bound to find a ton of articles on your topic.

For example, if we search for “Link building resources”, we get a ton of results.

And if you click on a result like “78 Link Building Resources”, you see a blog post that link to other people’s helpful content on the topic of email marketing.

Resource outreach is great because there are a lot of opportunities to find.

And, your pitch email is pretty straightforward:


I came across your amazing resource post on [topic].

I have an article I thought would be a good addition to your post [link to your article].

Let me know what you think.”

B. Link Roundups

Link Roundups are a personal favorite of mine because these can pay dividends.

A link roundup is a recurring blog post / newsletter on a topic that shares recently-published content on that topic.

If you can find roundups on your content’s topic, these can have a high success rate with outreach because these websites are actively looking for content like yours.

And, since they regularly publish roundups on your topic, you can keep submitting your future blog posts to the same blog. And the next time you reach out to them, they will remember you and be more likely to accept your submission.

One thing important to note when searching for link roundups is that you will want to ensure that you are finding roundups that are still publishing new content. So, for your searches, you will want to set your search engine parameters for articles published in the last month.

C. Skyscraper

One of, if not the most well-known link building technique is the Skyscraper Technique. Pioneered by Brian Dean from Backlinko, this involves finding a top-ranking article on a topic, discovering all the websites that link to that article, and reaching out to those websites to pitch them to link to your article instead of that top-ranking article.

For this technique, you will need some SEO research tool like Ahrefs, SEMRush, or Ubersuggest to find the backlinks coming from a particular article.

Some link builders swear by this method because it can have a lot of outreach opportunities. Even if there’s a high likelihood that your outreach gets ignored, outreach is often a numbers game, and if you have more people to pitch (provided you have a good pitch), that can mean more links back to your content.

D. Mention 

With any outreach campaign, you should also think about the people you are helping out and mentioning in your content.

If your blog post has outbound links to other websites (and it should), reach out to those websites, let them know that you have included their great content in your post, and ask if they can return the favor, either by sharing your post with their audience, linking to you in some other way, or maybe being open to some other co-marketing opportunity.

Link Building Tools

When doing link building outreach, there are some tools you will need.

There are three steps with link building outreach:

  1. Finding relevant websites to pitch
  2. Getting contact details for these websites
  3. Sending personalized outreach email sequences

There are many tools out there that specialize in one of these areas, and also all-in-one tools.

A. For Research

The most popular SEO and keyword research tools are tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Ubersuggest.

These tools can do much more than finding you websites to pitch though.

All of these tools are great for monitoring your rankings and finding opportunities for new content to publish.

B. For Getting Contacts

To get contact details for particular websites, there are a few tools that do a great job.

There’s Voila Norbert or

Enter a website URL and the search is able to find contacts at that URL.

C. For Sending Emails

There are a lot of tools for email marketing, but fewer that are geared for cold outreach. 

Obviously I’d love to recommend using for email marketing, but there are a few others that stand out for connecting quick emails to cold outreach and building some dialog with consumers. However, often email marketing tools are built for connecting with contacts that have opted-in to your email list, and not always tailored for cold prospecting. 

For other specific goals like cold email outreach with link building, Lemlist is one of the best products. With their user-friendly interface and innovative features such as Lemlist Plans, Lemlist has made sales engagement easier than ever before.

D. All-in-One Tools

If you are looking for just one tool to help you with your link building outreach instead of having a workflow with several, there are a few tools to check out.

Two in particular worth checking out are Postaga and SEMRush.

Postaga is geared specifically towards link building outreach: finding opportunities, getting contacts, and sending outreach email sequences. SEMRush is more multi-faceted, not focusing just on link building, with features like paid ad research, rank tracking, and keyword research services as well.


Promoting your blog post with link building can help you scale your website traffic much faster. With a variety of outreach campaigns at your disposal, you can see what works best for your content, earn more backlinks, and see your rankings and traffic scale up faster.