How to Create an Effective Content Strategy for SaaS Company

Truth be told, the upcoming years in the digital world will become more service oriented. It means that the software used by the companies will come as services, not products.

Now the real question arises. What is SaaS? How can it be beneficial than product-based software usage? Well, service-based software platforms can be customized according to the business needs. There is ample space for the development of new structures and domains in a software platform when used as a service.

What is SaaS?

SaaS stands for ‘Software as a Service’. In this domain, a service provider develops a cloud-based software platform for a company with features matching the requirement of the business operations of clients. These web-based software products will be ideal for the companies to deal with the challenges we faced during the pandemic.

In fact, it also enables a company to hire skills without costing a fortune and can get jobs done without any hassle even without bringing the skilled professional to its work location. Imagine how easier it will become to handle business operations remotely with such software platforms. These services can also be diversified based on future requirements without breaking into a bank.

These are the prime driving factors that will make SaaS more in demand in the recent future. In fact, it is expected that more than 80% of the software requirements will be fulfilled by SaaS services in 2022 when compared to only 38% in 2016. The market value will rise to US$ 220.21 Billion as per the expectation.

Here is why SaaS is much better than packaged software products.


It costs much less than software bought from merchants as it’s financially viable for all sizes of businesses. In fact, bought software is rigid in nature but SaaS is highly flexible. Hence, there is no need to buy another software item for a particular requirement when the necessity can be met by developing a new domain and by incorporating it into the existing platform. 


Web-based solutions are highly scalable. It means that they can be scaled down or up without breaking your back. Simple upgrades can deliver the highest convenience to a company. There is no need to buy another version. Just a simple patch will do the trick. Hence, a SaaS platform can be solved an issue with easy upgrades whereas software package products take more time to solve.

Easy to Use

Another prime advantage of using SaaS service is there is no need to invest in hiring and keeping an IT team on payroll. Why should you hire a team when you can get a package solution from the service provider along with customer support? This is the reason why companies are eyeing to collaborate or hire the best SaaS service to save expenses and to make the business operations more useful.

If you are into SaaS, you will need to develop a brilliant strategy to grab hold of this unique opportunity to grow your business by giving the right efforts. You will need a solid content marketing strategy to attract and convert leads and to increase your clientele. Let us focus on how a content marketing strategy can benefit your SaaS services.

Why do you need a SaaS content marketing strategy?

SaaS, as mentioned earlier, is a cloud-based software service that a company provides to another company. We all know that the world is rapidly moving towards a cloud-based platform where all the business operations will be done remotely.  The importance of cloud software applications is also felt by all the companies during the COVID19 years, and it will become a huge priority in the post-pandemic era.

It has become extremely common among global business brands, local businesses, and even individuals ranging from full-time employees to freelancers. SaaS is not confined to a particular software solution but a one-stop solution for businesses. Hence, it will surely become a huge priority for business owners in the future.

The efficiency of the SaaS software will be no less than the accumulated efficiency of all the software items a company uses. Hence, its demand will automatically increase due to lesser service charges when compared to present software prices.

This is the reason why SaaS service providers must focus on creating a proper content marketing strategy to make the target audiences aware of their unique selling propositions and service genres. This content strategy will target the audience in specific domains and public forums to generate leads and convert them into clients.

Steps to create a content marketing strategy for SaaS

Content marketing is still the king of digital marketing. Proper development of content can deliver the best platform to target an audience and generate organic traffic for the web presence.

Content marketing is a service that assists a SaaS service provider to create articles, blogs, white papers, videos, infographics, case studies, press releases, etc to generate image value, create leads, convert leads into customers, and engage prospects.

This is a game of the professionals. The better content is generated the higher organic traffic will flock into your online domain. For this, you will not only need a service provider but will also have to concentrate on creating a brilliant content marketing strategy to follow.

This strategy will be a blueprint to follow and create content based on the SaaS service you provide. This content will help leads understand what they need and how it will be fulfilled by your services.

Here is a skeleton of steps you can follow to create a content marketing strategy for your SaaS service.

Who is your target audience?

Cloud-based or web-based software services are required by companies belonging to a diverse set of industries. It is a huge universe of opportunities waiting to get grabbed but you cannot target all the industries. The audience pool should be well-defined and specific so that you can design a content strategy by analyzing it.

Define your target audience first and understand its demography. Learn what they need and what they are looking for. Also, create a universal approach that will target and convince leads from the same domain but of different demographic traits.

Decisive content focusing on promoting your products/services will help an audience to make decisions. Check for surveys done by SaaS companies in the same domain. You can also hire a content marketing service and conduct a fresh survey. Research the market well and consider checking the interests, motivations, desires, expectations, fears, etc of a target audience.

Pain Point Identification

The first step will also shed light on the pain points that a target audience faces while using certain products. You can focus on these pain points for resolving them by giving a better web-based software platform to use.

Visualizing these issues will deliver a unique path to follow for the development of your SaaS service, as well as your product features. Identify these obstacles that reduce the operational efficiency of a business and provide solutions. By creating content regarding these solutions, you can easily target and convince an audience. Make sure you describe these solutions well and let them fit perfectly into the professional sphere of an audience.

Keyword Identification

A content marketing strategy is incomplete without a proper set of keywords. Identify the most specific keywords related to your SaaS solution and utilize them to create proper content for service promotion.

A keyword is the set of words a target audience uses to search for particular SaaS services to find the answer to pain points. These keywords can be generated using different content software platforms. Try to fit into their shoes and create content using these keywords.

The specific blogs, articles, and other types of content you will create will appear when searched online due to the addition of those keywords. Leads will click on the links and will visit your online presence for further queries. Yes! It is that simple.

Know How to Measure Content Effectiveness

Your content marketing strategy must have a proper metric platform to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the content that will be created. This will help you understand whether your SaaS content strategy is working or not.

Define the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will help you track your metrics and goals. There are different indicators you will discover. Define the ones you want to focus on. You can also seek professional assistance from a digital marketing company to define your KPIs and make sure to add a dashboard for monitoring progress.

Focus on Creating Interesting Content

Avoid producing repetitive mechanical content and focus on developing interactive and interesting reads. An audience will only enjoy reading it while finding the right answer to their issues. Interesting content needs intelligent writers for creation. Find and hire a specialist in essay writing services or you can outsource it.

Make Use of your Existing Content

One of the most effective ways to contribute to your content marketing effort is to make use of what you already have. Adding sections or making little adjustments to your existing content can help it convert users more than any of your new content. 

One thing you can do is to find relevant content on your blog and add a section that leads to your product. Another quick action is adding a call to action in your email signature, yet another is adding links to your YouTube videos using cards or the end screen buttons.


Understand the importance of an effective content marketing strategy for SaaS services and focus on these steps. It is better if you outsource this requirement to a content development service and get the best scalable outcome in the future.