How To Build Optimized Email Campaigns That Improve Sales

Email marketing has been a reliable marketing channel for organizations across the world. And yes, email still works. The introduction of 4th generation technologies such as AI and automation is helping marketers integrate these technologies with email marketing campaigns to crack the best sales deal. In spite of that, many marketers are struggling to find the right strategy to build an effective email campaign that would get them a good number of sales. What to consider if you want to create optimized email campaigns that will generate money?

Quick glance at the email stats

If you are facing that difficulty, we can resolve this challenge.

In this post, you would find some proven practices to drive sales on the right path. Before that, let’s see how the email campaign is creating ripples in all the industries.

You can see that food and beverage emails got maximum glance with 16.2%, followed by industrial manufacturing services, banks and financial services. In the competitive world, where it is difficult to hold the attention of the recipient for a long time, emails have been successful in achieving that. 

All the industries are executing trial and error methods to find the best email tactic. Experts found that the unique combination of technology, tactic, and email process helps leverage the email campaign at the right time.

Here are 3 simple (but still often ignored) takeaways that will boost your email campaigns.

A. Create innovative email content

A good content can hook the reader to read the entire email. 

What’s the use of curating the content with the best words that lack the soul?

It means the reader cannot connect with your content. When the reader cannot find anything interesting in the content, they will close it immediately and hop on to some other email. You should know how to make customers trust your brand and further consider your service for future purchases. If you provide innovative and useful content, the customers will refer your service to their friends, who in turn, to their friends, thus forming a useful customer chain.

Find below example:


At first, anybody would think it as an ordinary email, but if you observe carefully, you will come to know, that a lot of creativity has gone into the designing of the email.

What does the red color signify here?

The red color and octopus have a crucial place in the email – it is screaming for attention. The entire background is bland, while the main points are spiced up. The CTA button, the heading, and the comparison between the old version and the new version are splashed up with red color, so that recipient’s attention goes towards it. This is how a smart email campaign is designed. If the whole email design would have been of red color, then recipients would have overlooked it – the contrast colors made the difference.

The innovative content and email well proves the quote by Jill Konrath, a sales strategist, and keynote speaker:

What differentiates sellers today is their ability to bring fresh ideas.”

Pass through the clutter of emails to make your email visible and worth reading for the potential customer. The email here shows the optimistic nature of the organization. How they want to grow with customers, and make them explore the new brand identity of the business.

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B. Make your emails really useful

The decision-makers across the world need the best solution aligned with their requirements to reach the target. If you provide them useful content in the email, they will start trusting your brand. 

Disseminate only the information that would help customers implement those in their process or increase knowledge in the area of their interest. A monthly newsletter is such an example where you can send updated news about products, services, or other business-related information to B2B buyers.

Decision-makers in B2B organizations scan a hell lot of content. So when you want collaboration with such organizations, make a point to send only relevant and useful content to them.


This type of newsletter content is relevant to the current market scenario. When you share these with your potential customers via newsletter campaign, it improves the credibility of the brand.

All businesses want to know how economic uncertainty is impacting countries across the world and would affect them. Use a useful piece of information as an ice-breaker between you and the potential customer.

C. Personalize each of the emails

We all receive a good number of sales and marketing emails in our inboxes. With this, you can understand how overwhelming it would be for a B2B or B2C customer. Their inboxes would be deluged with the massive number of emails.

Wear your customer’s shoes, and strategize different tactics to develop the right personalized emails. This would make the customers read your email, the first step to the email campaign’s success.

How could you do this?

By giving the same importance to all of your prospects.

Design an email that is personalized for every customer. If you send content revolving around the category that they are not looking for, your email campaign would surely falter. Find out the interest of your customer. As a hint, it could be something that makes them feel good.

Example of a personalized email:

The marketer created personalized content on the targeted customer. And the best way to gather custom user data is by implementing data collection and visitor tracking software. The brand listed out some of the essential points such as the prospect has a weakness for particular products and could be motivated to purchase those on the birthday.

Understand the customer’s needs, future requirements, pain points etc. They all sum up to be known as the buyer persona. In the example above, the marketers used this buyer persona to develop the content revolving around the same.

Don’t you think this is what any customer wish for?

So, execute proper research on your customers, whether it is by analyzing their past purchase, social media pages, or others. It would give the right insights to develop email content to compel customers to take the desired CTA.


Although both marketing and sales departments have different approaches to reach their target, they share a common motive. To help organizations achieve business targets.

So, as a marketer, you have to build an email campaign to help the sales team increase sales. This is challenging, but maintaining sanity at the difficult times is what all the marketers need to have. When you start analyzing different aspects of the email campaign, it will give you a 360-degree solution to resolve the issue.

The above points facilitate you with the best proven tactics to reach the pinnacle of success in a short time frame.