How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping the Future of Content Marketing and Personalization

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed the way how the business world worked. In recent times, we have recognized a shift in the manner of interaction between the company and its clients. The digital space has become more extensive and created a lasting influence on the minds of people to choose digitalization over anything else. 

Well, the final outcome is that companies have taken major steps towards the path of digitalization, thereby automatically making way for artificial intelligence to run on parallel grounds.

As said by Bill Gates:

“A break through in machine learning will be worth ten Microsofts!”

It is truly believed that the growth of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will take the business world by storm.

What is Artificial Intelligence as a whole?

Artificial intelligence is a computer-based domain that can possess or act as human intelligence, thereby reasoning or questioning the work and responses received. AI can show its expertise in many areas of business that eases the work of employees of any company.

AI has the potential to be brought to use in any industry of the market at complete convenience. The key areas of expertise of AI are as mentioned below:

  • Machine learning: In this, the AI learns about human behavior and analyses for a long period. It later offers relatable suggestions on the basis of user preferences.
  • Speech recognition: The potential to recognize the speech or voice by looking into factors such as the tone, vocabulary, accent, voice modulation, mode of speech, and more.
  • Problem-solving ability: The AI-powered software can solve issues pertaining to a business’s human problems based on analytical reasoning and data-driven insights. It can handle situations in real-time and do pretty good damage control.
  • Data analysis and strategizing: By keeping track of the data, AI can predict the company’s clients’ needs and activities and strategize future actions accordingly to increase engagement.

Let us see how AI can shape the future of content marketing and personalization.

Artificial Intelligence in the World of Content Marketing & Personalization

The relation between AI and Content marketing

Content marketing teams of most businesses spend a large amount of time doing their research and analysis on the trending topics and what may interest the readers to delve into their content. About 72 percent of organizations believe that content marketing is great to increase leads faster.

The strategy should make sure the content isn’t boring or irrelevant to the target audience. It should keep the keywords involved, be innovative and new at every step. Here AI comes into the picture and saves time, resources, and funds. It analyses the market expectation and readers’ interest to sketch the content strategy.

It will also find the right set of keywords for the content team if needed. Machine learning is great for keeping track of buyer behavior. By tracking their preferences, you can plan future steps in content marketing.

10 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing | by  Sandeep Agarwal | Data Driven Investor | Medium

What does AI do for shaping content marketing?

Companies lay their focus on content creation more than product creation. It is believed by 92 percent of marketers and entrepreneurs that content is not simply a campaign asset but a valuable asset for their business. 

Artificial intelligence brings out the best rather most accurate form of analysis that can shape the content strategies for the future. AI used NLP (Natural Language Processing), machine learning, and other advancements to collect the needed information. 

It works on the following steps:

  • AI analyses and researches human behavior even better than humans can do. It precisely works on concerns like:
    • What are the geographical locations of our target market?
    • Which location should be first targeted for content marketing?
    • What type of content will be ideal for the target audience?
    • What are the key traits of the audience?
    • What is the response rate of our competitors on different content?
    • What kind of competition and hurdles are likely to come on the way to execute the content marketing campaign?
  • The big data is then used by content marketing teams to strategize their future initiatives.
  •  AI works like an umbrella and covers major time taking tasks so that the team can only work on the major aspects related to decision-making.
  • Not to forget, AI also collects data which includes, site visitor’s names and contact details of all kinds. This information is later used to send different types of content under the marketing campaign to make it one grand success.
  • AI largely helps in automating content marketing.

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Makes Content Marketing Easier

Since content marketing is so essential, many ventures have adopted AI to bring a major response. It is believed that content marketing can improve lead generation three times better than outbound marketing.

The relation between AI and Personalization

Now that we know the impact of AI in the world of content marketing, we can say nothing less about the concerns of personalization. Yes, artificial intelligence is the flagbearer for high-quality personalization tactics. In fact, the top-most organizations are more likely to opt for AI for upgrading their marketing levels, as claimed by Adobe’s Digital Intelligence Briefing.

AI Driven Personalization. In the connected world of today, the… | by  UnfoldLabs | Medium

Personalization is the passkey to success in the marketing world. Your client expects dozens from you, and anything less than that can cut your ties with them. There are plenty of competitors, so make sure you stand out at all times. As much as personalization is important, it is also a problem for many marketers.

Based on a study, it is believed 60 percent of marketers struggle badly with personalization. This means they don’t know what their client wants. Well, that issue can be sorted with artificial intelligence. 

Yes, AI can help in the personalization of services as to make better results. But how? Let’s get to it!

What does AI do for offering personalization?

In the digital sphere, customers are likely to ask for more and more. They have options at their fingertips and don’t fear losing a brand for another one. It’s the marketers who toss pressure with innovation to stay irreplaceable every day. The best solution to stay relevant is to personalize the services.

Yes, your customer counts that as much important as your product quality. Fortunately, marketers have understood that AI-powered tools can make their journey effortless to personalize while clients can have a seamless experience simultaneously.

Personalization Is Powered by AI | SoftServe

Artificial intelligence works on various grounds to offer personalization:

  • It brings automated chatbots that can communicate with site visitors at any time and record their data.
  • AI is equipped enough to offer real-time solutions in case customers have technical issues.
  • Half of the time, clients choose to take chatbot assistance than customer care executives.
  • AI understands feelings, buyers’ attitudes, preferences, and, thereby, letting the market know the hack to personalize.
  • Any campaign can be personalized by AI personally referring to the client with their name, while this can get really tedious for humans.
  • AI does an in-depth analysis and offers predictive judgments that are usually accurate. Based on different aspects like location, gender, type of client (existing or potential lead), more AI personalizes the services.


AI is the future of the business and marketing world, as we may say. It will not only bring ease of offering quality services but also upgrade the competition. So far, AI has influenced and shaped content marketing and has a brighter future ahead.