Write for us! Guest Blog Posts Guidelines

We’re more than happy to accept high quality guest blog posts. To make the process of submission as smooth as possible and provide you with key information about the type of content we’re looking for, we’ve come up with a set of guidelines.

Subjects we’re interested in

We are looking for texts related to one or more of the following subjects:

  • Marketing Automation 
  • Sales Automation
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Lead Generation and Nurturing
  • Lead Scoring Models
  • Conversion Strategy, Optimization and Improvement
  • Web, Mobile, User Analytics
  • Digital Customer Success
  • Digital Sales
  • Content Marketing
  • UX

We’re keen on reviewing both B2C- and B2B-oriented articles, but the latter is of top interest for us.

General formatting rules for guest posts

  1. Please submit your article in MS Word format or as an editable Google Docs file.
  2. We strongly encourage you to use images, screenshots, charts, infographics etc. in your articles. However, please make sure that you have rights to use these items for commercial purposes and / or provide sources and references, wherever applicable.
  3. Provide all images or visual elements you use in the article in a separate .zip folder. Remember to name each file appropriately so that it’s easy to insert them at a proper place in the text. Make sure all visual elements are of possibly highest quality and keep 16:9 ratio.
  4. Ensure proper attribution of quotations, data, images and any other outside content you may use in your article.
  5. Keep your article consistent, structured into not too long paragraphs and written in an informative, casual language.
  6. Start with 2-3 sentences of intro.
  7. Write at least 800 but no more than 1,200 words. 
  8. Select 1 primary keyword and a few additional keywords and use them throughout the article. The primary keyword should be used in the title line. Try to use additional keywords in headers and sub-headers.
  9. Provide us with up to 3 sentences of your bio, your full name and a photo of yours to be published as a post author.
  10. Whenever possible, we encourage you to include links to other User.com content.

Content types we publish

Here are 4 types of blog articles we are interested in at the moment:

  1. “How to…” Articles – texts including insights, actionable takeaways and practical tips that readers can apply in their businesses.
    Example: https://user.com/en/blog/optimize-website-conversion-dynamic-content/

  2. Research Articles – those are texts covering an analysis of data, conclusions and business recommendations. You can use data from your own research or refer to secondary sources.
    Example: https://user.com/en/blog/customer-centric-approach/

  3. Case Studies – stories based on your or your team’s experience clearly indicating what business problem or problems you’re facing, how you approached them and what was the outcome. We’re happy to read about your successes but also interested in hearing what didn’t go well and why so that we can all help each other and learn from the mistakes.
    Example: https://user.com/en/blog/huge-example-for-saas-free-onboarding-case-study-of-how-we-created-user-com-onboarding-process/

  4. Opinion Posts – you have a strong opinion on a given topic, model or technology and you are able to back it by your expertise and legitimate sources? Great! We’d love to read it.
    Example: https://user.com/en/blog/leverage-annual-billing-to-increase-cash-flow-in-your-saas-business/

Please note that we prefer evergreen content and we’ll give priority to blog posts meeting that expectation.

What kind of posts we won’t accept

The most important thing to consider is that we won’t accept anything that has been already published on any other website or blog. We are only interested in the original brand-new content, written especially to be published on User.com blog.

⚠️We won’t:

  • accept overly commercial or promotional articles,
  • publish content with more than 2 links to any of your company’s websites in the main body of the article,
  • agree to publish any aggressive or strongly critical content targeted at a given person, brand or company.

Some final notes on guest blog posts

Once the article is live on User.com blog, feel free to share it through all your channels but you cannot republish the entire text on your websites.

We’ll include 1 link to your company website from post author info.

We’ll share each guest post via our social media channels.

The User.com team reserves the right to edit and adjust your content to conform to the User.com publishing style, and update it in the future so that it is accurate and consistent.

The User.com team reserves the right to add CTAs referring to User.com content throughout your post.

Please note that we may not accept your article if you don’t stick to the guidelines described on this page or if our in-house blogging team advises your text is too similar to any blog post that has ever been published on the User.com blog.

How to submit an article for review or report an interest

Submit all guest posts requests to guestpost@user.company and remember to include the following:

  • Your article in MS Word or editable Google Doc format,
  • A separate .zip folder with all visual elements you use in your article, and
  • A short bio with your company link and photo of yours that we’ll publish with the article.

You’ll hear from us within 2 weeks since the request submission and we’ll let you know whether your post has been accepted. 

Thanks for your interest in writing for User.com 🙂

Note: by sending a guest post request you confirm that you’ve read all the guidelines included on this page and agree to the terms & conditions we’ve featured here.

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