Women’s Day in eCommerce. How to boost sales?

Women’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to engage your female audience and create an exceptional campaign, that will give value both to your company and customers. Express delivery option, free return, or special Women’s Day discounts seems to be a natural choice for many online stores owners. But, together with our marketing team, we created something more creative. After a dynamic brainstorming session, we have prepared the list of the best eCommerce marketing tricks to boost your March sales results. We hope you enjoy.

Personalize your offer

“Customers are key” is a statement every marketers keep in mind creating every single campaign. However keeping existing customers is even 25x cheaper than acquiring new ones, companies don’t pay enough attention to managing strong and user-tailored relationships.

There are certains reasons why personalized communication is one of the hottest marketing trends from at least two years:

Source: econsultancy.com
Why not to go further creating personalized product recommendations?

There are a few different recommendation types you can use:

  • Based on each individual’s browsing history.
  • Build trust by showing product reviews to the first-time buyers
  • Based on items “frequently bought together” overall (see example below)
Similar products frequently bought together Marketing Automation User.com
Source: Amazon.com

No matter what type you implement, we recommend you to believe only in hard data. Instead of counting on assumptions,  start from tracking users behaviors and entice browsers into bulking up their shopping carts. The more data you have the more accurate and effective your recommendations will be.

When it comes to personalization, customer intelligence is invaluable. You can explore going direct to consumer at The Ecommerce Academy and take your brand to the next level.

Create atmosphere of urgency

A fear of loss and atmosphere of urgency are strong sales-drivers in eCommerce.

Since 90% of all the information that enters our brain is visual, a timer counting down to the end of a sale is an easy way to boost sales. It has become an extremely strong sales trick because of the two following reasons:

  • it brings a product to the customer’s attention
  • it gives a motivation to make a quick purchase

Successful countdown timer needs to offer valuable information to the customer, otherwise, it won’t increase your sales. Simply, don’t overuse it and keep it simple. Use it only to communicate your customer an important message like “X hours until the end of sales” or that they have a limited time to finish their order if they want to get free delivery, etc. 

See example below: Amazon made their countdown timers very well. They are simple and encouraging.

Countdown sales timer User.com
Source: Amazon.com

Wake up your dormant customers

This is another game-changer. Visitors stop taking actions on your website because of many reasons – from the basic ones, as temporary lack of product they need till the more complex, e.g. unpleasant user experience or technical issues they faced on your website. Why don’t you re-engage them?

Back to the start, begin by defining a dormant customer. You can use the following indicators:

  • last activity date which is more than X months
  • newsletter subscribers that never made a purchase
  • users inquiring about certain product, but never bought the item

When decided which group you need to re-engage, it’s time to prepare an email campaign with interesting incentives. One time bonuses or discounts for last watched products will boost your conversion to the moon and back.

And last, but not least, ask for feedback whenever it’s possible. Awareness of how your customers perceive your business is key to building a strong, customer-oriented brand. Asking for feedback is much more effective than basing on assumptions.

How to re-engage inactive customers_marketing automation_User.com
Source: gap.com

Additional ideas

  • Build a segmented list based on purchase behaviour
  • Prevent shopping carts abandonment
  • Create a customer loyalty program
  • Automate Social Media marketing
  • Automate Facebook Ads for better reach
  • Use exit-intent pop-ups
  • Implement a personalized lead nurturing campaigns
  • Create an omni-channel customer experience
  • Remember about UX
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