Does email marketing still work? 3 reasons why email marketing still rules.

What question is asked all the time by all types of companies, from all industries? Besides “How to get more customers” or “How to increase our revenue”, it’s often “Does email marketing still work”. Plenty of small company owners nowadays decide to abandon email in favour of social marketing, thinking email marketing is no longer worth the money. While social media is undoubtedly important in today’s digital world, forgetting about email marketing is a big mistake!

Email marketing still works and still has plenty of advantages. It can be used to great effect in all industries and business sizes. You can learn more about the benefits of email marketing in this short article.

Does email marketing still even work?

Let’s look at a couple of stats first.

In 2018, there were 3.8 billion email users, and the number is expected to be over 4 million in 2022. But only around 2.5 billion have a social media account. So email marketing gives you access to a far wider audience than if you used social media.

Email marketing also has an incredible ROI of around 4400%. That means you can earn even $44 for every $1 spent! And that’s just the start of email marketing advantages – have a look at three more benefits:

Email marketing is cheap

Many small business owners are worried that their tight budgets won’t allow them to use traditional means of advertising. This is one of the places email marketing still work and can shine.

Email marketing meanwhile is a very cheap way of getting your messages to your subscribers. With a good email marketing software, the cost for a single email is as low as a couple of pennies.

What is more, the vast majority of email marketing software sellers always offer a free trial period. You can test the system and improve your email marketing strategy to get the most out of your email marketing.

Email is easy to use and fast to set up

With the exceptions of sophisticated email marketing systems with hundreds of options that do require a professional, majority of email marketing software are intuitive enough to be used even by beginners.

The systems can be set up quickly and thanks to various tools, preparing and delivering your newsletters or emails has never been easier. You can also schedule your email newsletters for later or prepare different kinds of emails in advance. How much time you will save when you don’t have to spend time writing each one and then manually sending all emails?

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Email marketing is measurable

You don’t have to do email marketing on “gut feeling,” there are tons of metrics you can use to check what is working for your business and what doesn’t. The most important ones are:

  • ROI (return on investment) that tells you how many people purchased a product or service because of your emails
  • CTR (Click through rate) meaning the number of clicks your emails and links inside them have
  • Open rate which is basically how many people open and read your emails
  • Conversion rate shows how many people clicked on the link in your email and then completed a specific action (like using the code for your newest promotion).

All of those metrics are easily accessible through an email marketing platform, so it would be a waste not to make use of them to further improve your marketing strategy.

ReVerb also extends the list with the following benefits: wide personalization capacities, scalability, convenient organization of the contacts list, full compatibility with all existing desktop and mobile devices, shareability.

Even though many experts are quick to claim email marketing is a thing of the past, it can still give impressive results. Since the number of people with access to email is expected to grow, so will the audience you can reach with email marketing.

Email marketing should be especially important for small companies with tight budgets, as it is a great way to inform and engage your subscribers while being inexpensive and easy to use in any industry.

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