Creative ideas for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

November is soon ending. That means that two of the biggest shopping days for retailers are coming soon: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Initially, “Black Friday” was simply an informal name for the Friday following Thanksgiving Day and for the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the US. Now, people all over the world are waiting for Black Friday and Cyber Monday special offers. That’s even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in Europe aren’t as spectacular as those in the United States.

Right now, marketers all over the world also work hard on getting the best out of those days. In most cases, by preparing email campaigns with promoted products, ads with discounts, and unique landing pages. Wish that you could do something a bit more original this year? That’s a good plan! Especially that with all that competition on the market, you can’t just offer discounts to everyone. This year, you need to stand out from the crowd. How? Here are five ideas for doing something new and creative this year!

1. Let your customers hit the snooze button.

Thanks to FOMO (“Fear of missing out”) marketing tactics, plenty of Black Friday deals force people to get up at the crack of dawn (or even before it). All just to be in time to get the special offer – especially those “Be the first X number of customers.” Why not let your customers sleep a bit longer without losing on great deals? Instead of having special offers only for the first X number of customers ensure your customers the deals are available all the way up to Cyber Monday. This way you are avoiding the risk that all those who didn’t get the special offer will lose any motivation to purchase anything from you.

You could also prepare a special evening or night sales event. You can use this tactic in e-commerce too! Announce your exclusive deals with be available after a specific hour and put a countdown on your website/social media, showing the time left until the offers will be available.

2. Give something extra to your social media followers.

Your social media channels are a fantastic place to excite people for your Black Friday offers and to promote your new deals. Companies know this but most of them will simply put ads with discounts or offers on social media and call it a day. Why not give your social media followers something more? You could, for example, post-sneak-peeks of your Black Friday bundles or new products – this will build your customers’ anticipation for your offers.

Another idea would be to start a contest with a significant discount or your new bundle as a reward. It could be a photo contest, “Black Friday tips” in comments, or even a simple “Pick a person with who you will…” type of a game. Or maybe something smarter – Black Friday trivia quiz, skill-testing questions, or a puzzle? Those have the additional benefit of being highly shareable – and the more people learn about your company, the better!

3. Be mysterious

Rather than announcing all your Black Friday deals and offers at once, why not play a bit on human curiosity and build a bit of suspense around your offers? Having your Black Friday offers released one by one not only keeps your audience on their toes but also gives you a steady amount of traffic for much longer than if you just made one post about your offers.

How can you do that? Showing a sneak-peek of your Black Friday offers on social media or email campaign is one way. Another idea is to have a “mystery box” which contents won’t be revealed before “day zero”. You could also pique the curiosity of your customers by announcing that every shopper that will fill certain conditions will get a surprise gift. But they won’t learn what the present is before they make a purchase. The surprise gift can be, for example, a gift card – bonus points if a customer has to draw from a box the value of the card.

4. Reward Your Loyal Customers

Black Friday and Cyber Monday give you a fantastic opportunity to show appreciation to your old and loyal customers. How? By giving them the very best deals or exclusive discounts. For example, how about giving your email subscribers a chance to buy your new product earlier? Or offering them an exclusive VIP bundle? VIP offers are also a fantastic way to bring back the customers who didn’t shop with you for a while. So why not prepare something extra for those people too?

Take into account, though, that customers are way smarter nowadays. Since they are sure to compare the “VIP” offer with the regular offer or offer for new customers, you have to prepare something really special for them. If they notice their VIP offer is worse than the regular one, you will lose those customers for good.

5. Get your customers to play this Black Friday

Looking for something fun and eye-catching to promote your brand? In recent years, gamification has become one of the most popular strategies to reach and engage customers. What is more, it can also help to increase sales and promote your brand!

But what is gamification? It’s using gaming techniques such as award points, badges, missions and challenges, and of course, all kinds of incentives to attract your customers.

Turning your product or service into a fun little game for the audience not only keeps your audience engaged but also helps them get to know more about the product/service! Another advantage of such games is that they are easily shareable, and if made well, they can go viral in hours.

How can you use it for the Black Friday campaign?

  • By putting a spinning wheel on your website, with different rewards hidden under each mark
  • Hiding discount coupons on different parts on your website and asking your customers to find them
  • Send an interactive scratch card to your customers
  • Give special points for each sale, exchangeable into rewards. 

Don’t make the games too confusing or complicated though. Customers nowadays don’t have enough time or patience for reading detailed rules. If they don’t understand what are they supposed to do to win, they will lose interest in seconds. The simpler the game is the better – just have a look at famous M&M’s pretzel campaign.

Every marketer wishes for a Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales boost, so the competition will be bigger than ever. What you need this year is to stand out of the crowd and do something unusual, rather than going with only discounts and promotions. Maybe one or more of our ideas will help you with it? Good luck!

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