How to create a high-converting newsletter?

Email marketing is a relatively cheap solution that gives you the superpower to meet your customers in the place they visit every day – their mailboxes. And it brings amazing results:

  • It still delivers a strong ROI. For every $1 spend on email marketing, you can expend an average return on $32, DMA 2018.
  • It’s perfect for growing business. 81% of SMB marketers trust that email is a primary customer acquisition channel, Emarsys 2018.
  • Sending 3 abandoned cart emails results in 69% more orders than a single email, Omnisend 2018.

Among many marketing tactics, the newsletter has a special place on the podium. If you want to build a recognizable brand or empower your customer loyalty, there’s no better option than sending personalized, high-quality mailing.

If you want to get the most of your newsletter, read our 5 key pieces of advice on how to get more conversion with this very special tool.

#1 Clean and segment your email list

Before we start one thing has to be told out loud: send your newsletter only to people that give you a marketing consent. Breach of the GDPR regulation can cause serious issues for your company!

Email list scrubbing

Don’t be afraid to clean your email list. Email list scrubbing is an essential to maintain a good sender reputation –  if you are repeatedly sending emails to inactive or uninterested customers you are damaging the good opinion your business has in the industry.

Creating segments

One size email doesn’t fit everybody. Your email list consists of all kinds of people – from different locations, behaviours and needs.

Instead of sending one blanket newsletter, create custom lists by using data gathered from your site and prepare a different versions of your message. Personalized messaging boosts your click-through rate by almost 15% — and conversions by 10% (prdaily).

Basically, personalized marketing communication is a must in 2019 marketing!

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#2 Optimize your emails for mobiles

You have to realize that the use of smartphones and tablets is growing and is only expected to increase. 53% of mobile users immediately abandon a website that isn’t optimised for mobile. The same for the newsletter that doesn’t load.

That’s why it’s always worth a hassle to implement these 3 golden rules for mobile optimization:

  • ‘Call to Action’ has to be big enough, to click on it even on the tiny mobile screen.
  • Make sure your font is readable.
  • Minimize your images (most devices show an image no bigger than 320 pixels).

Learn more on how to adjust your website for mobile in our previous blog post.

#3 Double opt in (yes, for the newsletter!)

Double opt-in is a way to ask people if they’ve signed up for a newsletter by clicking a confirmation button they received via email. It’s astonishingly effective manner for driving users engagement.

How does it work?

Above all things, it’s a guarantee that your email list consists of real people. Furthemore, you are completely sure your communication goes to users that really want to hear from you.

Some marketers are afraid of using this solution in their work, claiming it’s a double-end weapon. In fact your email list will grow at a slower pace, but its quality will increase. If you aim at long-term results, double-opt in is a perfect trick for your newsletter!

#4 Find the best time to send your newsletter

Getting your newsletter timing right is critical for the overall campaign success. Itimpacts both open rate, click-through rate and conversion.

Consumer behavior studies shows that working days have much higher open rate than the weekends, which are considered as leisure and family time. Unfortunately there’s no one specific time that works for every company.

It’s important to know your recipients, and pay special attention to their time zones. Similarly, like in case of personalizing communication, you need to adjust your newsletter campaign to the schedule of your audience.

Another question is frequency.

Every industry has its sweet spot that gets you the maximum engagement at an optimal mail frequency. But the tricky part is there’s no rule working for all businesses – product-focused companies may achieve totally different results compared to the professional services companies.

Test your frequency, track results and take your time to find the best option.

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How often customers want to hear from you?

#5 Create killer-Call-to-Action

If you think that CTA is only a button, better update your knowledge. This is the button that directly impacts your conversion rate.

If the recipients of your emails don’t know what they are supposed to do, you probably aren’t going to achieve good results.

Learn more on how to create the killer-CTA button in our latest blog post.

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