Taking a moment to reach out and offer assistance to GOV agencies and NGOs responding to COVID-19

As we’ve seen in the last few days and weeks the world is full of turmoil – businesses who are suspending work, schools closing, while cases continue to pop up on everyone’s radar – and all the while government agencies, schools, and healthcare providers are working relentlessly to keep us secure and healthy.

We want to take a moment and say thanks to you as you are making a difference in the rest of the world. As a special thanks for your hard work, we at User.com are in an extraordinary position to help support you.

We want to offer our communication software free of charge over the next 6 months to governmental, academic and medical assistance institutions and NGOs as they address the COVID-19 virus – to get free access of the platform apply until September 2020.

We want to help be part of the solution so it’s an honor if we can support such organizations as they inform the public with the latest news, or as they deliver updates, to keep us all informed.

Included features you’ll receive

To help you better communicate with your audience and the public you’ll get access to our integrated Live Chat plus Chatbot, the ability to send out beautiful Emails with our easy to use drag and drop editor, Automations to help you send those emails with automatic updates to people based on activity. Keep people updated instantly with Push Notifications and SMS messages for live updates. On top of that, you’ll be able to free up your availability with a Call Center plus integrated Calendar Scheduling, all part of our Business plan.

Additionally, you’ll be able to send out mailings with email servers provided by our amazing partner: EmailLabs.

As we are changing our lifestyle and remote working is becoming normalized, we can help you better organize your work with Notes for teammates or by creating Tickets for people to check and work on areas that help is required.

Lastly, we’ll want to get you up and running fast and able to make the best use of our tools, so we’ll include you in our digital onboarding process, giving you access to some help from our support experts.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us at covid19@user.com.

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Grab a free business plan

If you’re a governmental, educational or healthcare institution responding to COVID-19, please mention #ngo-user to us in chat to receive a free Business plan until September.

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Share a link with those you know who could help

If you’re not a governmental, educational or healthcare institution responding to COVID-19 but know someone who could use this solution, please grab a link and share it with them.

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