21-step Conversion Funnel Creation (Cheat Sheet)

Calculate max. lead acquisition cost

Take a look at how much on average your customers spend. Then, taking into account lead to customer conversion rates calculate the value of one lead.

It’s best to do it with regards to a specific segment, and not a whole customer database.


Choose a specific target audience

Your funnels won’t be as effective as possible if you target different groups of people at once.

Spend some time creating buyer personas to get to know who your audience is, or what their goals and pain points are.

When you’re done, choose one persona you’re going to target.

Source: Xtensio

Generate content ideas

Keeping in mind the targeted persona, come up with content ideas that are closely related to their interests as well as your product/service. Choose a few of that you believe have the highest potential.

You can check what content performed best for your competitors using a tool like Ahrefs.

Source: Ahrefs

Test your content

Create the chosen pieces of content in a short form, and spend a few bucks on ads to see which draws more attention.

Create final content

Extend the best performing piece of content to a point where it becomes valuable enough.

Additionally, think how you can convert new visitors into leads. Below you can see what type of content you can use as a lead magnet with regards to visitors’ awareness level.

41 Types of Content Marketing Checklist | Boston Interactive

Design your landing page

No matter if it’s a standalone landing page or a blog post, make sure it’s optimized for conversions.

Implement visitor tracking

Having a tool which tracks the whole history of interactions between your brand and a specific person will equip you with crucial data you’ll later use for segmentation and personalization.  

Visitor Profile with interaction history in User.com 

Offer a relevant lead magnet

Craft a compelling CTA and collect contact information in return for access to the additional piece of content. For example, courses can be used as lead magnets if you are trying to sell online courses.

You can go with embedded forms, chatbot conversations, or various pop-ups displayed on behavioural triggers.

Apart from e.g. email address include at least one field that will let you assign the lead to one of your segments.

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Build a “Thank you” page

A Thank you page can be a great place to allow for creating a closer bond between you and your leads (consider adding a video or photos of your team members), as well as direct them towards a next action.

Source: WPBuffs

Set up conversion tracking

Use Google Tag Manager to send scroll, click and form submit events to your web analytics software. This way you’ll know where your funnel leaks and how to improve it.

Generate traffic

Write down all the channels you can use to reach the chosen audience.

Check costs per acquisition and leave only these channels, where CPA is lower than the lead value you’ve calculated in the first step.

Segment your leads

Divide your leads into groups, based on the information you’ve gathered (both in the form and using behaviour tracking).

Create a customer journey map

Write down all interactions, feelings and problems people may encounter on their way to, as well as after the purchase. It’ll let you know how to keep them satisfied along the way.

Source: Qualtrics

Use omni-channel strategy to build relationship

Integrate multiple channels to provide each person with seamless, consistent experience and let them use channels they prefer most.

Channels available in User.com

Introduce nurturing

Set up drip campaigns consisting of at least 4-6 educational emails.

Add behaviour-triggered messages as well. It lets you contact leads just in the right time and provide them with information they’ve shown interest in.

Behaviour-triggered nurturing in User.com

Adjust your communication

Try to make your communication as personalized as possible.

The easiest trick is mentioning recipients name, location etc.

However, if you wish to go further, you can check what topics the lead has been interested in, what types of content has consumed, or channels has used.

Score your leads

Implement scoring and grading models that will assign points based on leads’ predicted value, as well as behaviour history. This way, you’ll know when your leads are ready to receive an offer.

Lead scoring automation in User.com

Send an offer

When your leads reach the scoring threshold and become MQLs, you can invite them to a call, free trial, or simply redirect them to a landing page where they can complete a purchase.

Test everything

Analyze conversion on each step of the funnel and think how you can improve your performance.

It’s best to build a workflow around testing, so that you could focus on the lowest hanging fruits and advance fast.

Source: ConversionXL

Keep in touch

It doesn’t matter whether leads become customers or not. Cherish these relationships for as long as possible to stay at the top of their mind.

Automate your funnel

Use Marketing Automation to manage all the repetitive tasks and make sure your communication is timely, personalized and relevant. No matter where you are or what you do.

Exemplary automation in User.com

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