#3 Top Reasons why chatbot is a ‘must’ even for a small business

Chatbot, a virtual advisor is more and more often used as a marketing tool. These computer programs conduct a conversation with a customer by answering questions about the services offered, and providing specific solutions.

All it takes place thanks to previously defined questions and possible answers. Even for a small business, it’s worth having a chatbot on your website.

See below 3 top reasons why you should consider creating a chatbot for your business.

Reason #1: Speed

This is the biggest chatbot advantage. Thanks to the built-in algorithm, the virtual assistant is able to answer the question almost immediately, in real time. It appeals to customers who instead of looking for a contact, send an email and often wait for a few days to answer.

Chatbot, unlike an online consultant, can handle several clients at once. And your company’s fast actions translate into the fact that more people will choose your services, which in turn will increase sales.

All year round, 24 hours a day.

Reason #2: More engaged customers

Even a simple contact chatbot can also be used as an advertising tool. It is much more effective than traditional mailing.

According to research, the rate of clicks on links in e-mails is lower than those sent in the communicator. It’s simple to explain – the user’s engagement is greater when he actively participates in the conversation. That’s why it’s the most engaging way to create brand communication.

A well-communicating company, quickly answering questions and dispelling doubts, will keep the customers for more time and will increase their confidence.

Personalized Marketing Chatbot vs Email

Reason #3: Saving money

Placing a chatbot on the company’s website is also associated with saving funds and you can even send a chat message to new visitors. It is estimated that a virtual consultant is able to answer up to 70% of users’ queries.

And if we add the fact that the chatbots are fast and can deal with several clients at once, all this will make you able to hire fewer live chat agents.

Chatbots are here to stay so better give them a serious try. Investing in such technology will surely pay off, even for a small business!

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