How to create Black Friday email campaigns that convert? [Guide]

Right after Haloween and Thanksgiving your customers wake up from the food coma and go for sales hunting.

It’s BFCM weekend. Are you ready? This marketing guide will show you how to prepare your company for this hot period.

Consumer behaviors change but one trend stays the same – people avoid unnecessary effort every time, they can. Multiple observations show that we are opting out of the physical hustle and bustle, and prefer the way, that doesn’t require leaving the warm couch.

This is the reason why online businesses gain more fans, especially for the sale period.

If you want to create a successful BFCM campaign on the Internet, you need to be ready for huge website traffic, write complex communication strategy and in addition, optimize it for mobile devices.

Sounds like a lot of work? True!

But below statistics show’s it’s worth to take part in the BFCM fever:

  • Last year Black Friday brought over $5 billion in revenue and Cyber Monday reached unexpected results in sales – $6.6 billion in the US alone, according to Adobe survey.
  • In total, 137 million people went to stores over the four-day Black Friday weekend in the US
  • Mobile phone purchases are the area that saw big gains. Over 40% of all Black Friday online transactions took place on smartphones, says Criteo’s report.

When the November ends, don’t think about the holiday leave. Prepare your business for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday marathon. Our tips will help you to use this period at 100%.

Step 1: First things first – create a checklist!

Creating a simple dashboard, for example in Excel, with all to-dos in one place helps to better organize and split your tasks. Guarantee access for this file to all people engaged in the project, mark your priorities and progress. When the Black Friday marketing campaigns run, it will be your compass in the jungle of duties.

Step 2: Prepare your website

For online businesses owners, downtime is the worst scenario when sales are coming. To stay in the game, you need to make necessary testing:

#1 Check your speed

A website that loads too slow may be a reason to leave your page or abandon a shopping cart. Using heavy images or video content is ok, as long as you can guarantee they open properly both on a desktop and mobile devices.

#2 Prepare for data overload

Test the server load capacity of your store with free tools like or Collectd.

#3 Have backups

Although we hope you never use it, we strongly recommend preparing one. It should contain all domain details you need on a daily basis – from your website code to products pictures.

Step 3: Marketing strategy

It’s the most important part of BFCM preparation so here we are with several to-do points:

Define your goals

The certain goal for the BFCM campaign is sale but it doesn’t need to be only one thing you should be worried about. 

Black Friday marketing strategy requires engagement from marketing, sales, IT and support departments. When many people work on the same project it’s easy to get lost and you need a transparency on your teams priorities.

This is why project management approach is so important – writing down all your objectives will create an easy path to execute, what you want to achieve.

Dashboard is an instant help when your teams feel lost and allow to get back to review if scheduled actions serve defined aims.

So what now? Let’s start with the first stricte marketing task which is.. 

Creating an email marketing for Black Friday

Emails, if designed properly can deliver huge ROI so better book your time in a calendar and prepare a whole email communication in advance. Write creative content but keep the layout simple.

Remember that mailboxes are super busy during the holiday season so interesting email subject is a must to capture your customers’ attention. Sending messages like “75% discount!” is not a good idea. Better consider what is unique in your offer so you will achieve your sales goals without tagging your brand as “the cheap one”.

Do you want to create even more effective Black Friday email marketing? Check out our other guide: Email marketing tips

Prepare your customers for the sale

Make sure your customers really know what is going to happen. Do you have a newsletter? Use it for Black Friday online promotion. It will give you a nice background for further marketing activities.  

Want to make your message even more powerful? Add a short popup to your homepage so everyone will be informed! Read more about popups

Black Friday landing page

Make an evergreen BFCM landing page. Evergreen means the page visitors can continuously find your website, thanks to universal and relevant BF content. Don’t forget about a call to action button.

Social media marketing

Start from your company profiles checkups. See if they are updated and present your brand values. Test your links and check profile descriptions.

Introducing an element of urgency in your communication is crucial for the BFCM campaign. Use words that make people think it’s something very limited and push them to take an immediate action. Good examples are: “today”, “now”, “limited offer”, etc.

Using Instagram don’t focus only on nice pictures. Before you start, make trending hashtags research. Except for obvious hashtags you need to use, there are many options like #giftforher, #dealhunting, #gooddeal, etc.

Abandoned Carts

It’s a pain point of every e-commerce. Customers are aware they are surrounded by multiple marketing hacks so they want to keep control over their shopping and often it’s a reason for shopping carts abandonment.

Customer behaviours surveys show shopping carts abandonment grows and this trend tend to grow in the future. According to Barilliance, shopping cart abandonment rates in the US, 2017 increased to 74.5%! It’s a must to show a special deal for finalizing the purchase.

Check our 13 ideas to combat shopping carts abandonment

Order deadline announcement

Send a reminder before the end of the sale. It intensifies the feeling of urgency and helps your visitors to finalize forgotten deals.

Create a personalized customer experience

… and apply it in the communication strategy. Prepare tailored messages that will be sent to a certain, relevant group of visitors.

flash flash bg-element bg-element

Succeed at Growth

If you want to create a personalized UX, check Marketing Automation. Sign up & get 14-days for free.

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14 days free. No CC required.

Going further, learn about social listening. It is a process of listening to what people are talking about your brand or a whole industry on the Internet. Consider using monitoring tools so you know what are real needs and frustrations when it comes to BFCM period.

Step 4: Other things to consider

Do you want some extra Black Friday marketing ideas? Here you’re!

  • Consider free shipping for the sales period
  • Review your delivery policy and check if it’s easy to understand
  • Set up Google Analytics to properly measure your campaign results
  • Stay tuned after sale period. Give your customers accurate support.

Going through campaign preparation keep in mind that price is less important to customers than a good experience. Keep your communication simple, IT department in charge and support in the disposal of your clients. Black Friday and Cyber Monday is only one weekend in the year but it can bring you amazing results, both in sales, conversion and building trust.

We wish you all the best on BFCM campaign!

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