Automating Beauty Salon Work: 7 Must-Have Features

For some time, an extensive technological change has been noticed across various industries. There has been a huge shift from manual to automated processes and it has been happening in the beauty industry as well. Business owners have started automating beauty salon work to improve their business growth. Salon management platforms are assisting the beauty industry in automating their daily operations. With technology they can modify their processes to increase the customer retention rate, customer satisfaction level, as well as support the long-term business development.

It does not matter if you have your own beauty business, or you are self-employed – there are different software types that will help you automate processes and make your job easier. From marketing automation, booking appointments, customers record tracking to inventory management. 

When you own a salon or spa, an adequate attention must be given to the features the salon software contains. To make it easier for you to get started, below we have listed the most important features and tools every salon should use.

Beauty salon management system

Profitability of a beauty salon depends largely on the position of the business owner. To achieve your business goals, you surely need an interesting idea and a detailed plan for implementing the strategy. But nowadays it is also extremely important (and helpful!) to make the most of the existing technology. Automating beauty salon work and processes is one of the key benefits of a good management tool. If there is no salon software in place, an owner of a beauty salon risks facing a series of problems, such as:

  • Lack of employee interest in the development of the salon.
  • Failure to comply with discipline and company charter.
  • Incorrect actions on the part of the management that hinder business development, or their absence.

With the help of online booking software, you can arrange an appointment with a hairdresser, make-up artist, manicurist online. Most people today spend their time on the Internet. Buying and ordering services via a smartphone is a common thing.

The ability to make an online appointment with your specialists is a great opportunity to demonstrate to your customers that you are keeping up with the times and taking care of their convenience. Your salon staff will always have access to their daily or weekly schedule. It will be much easier and faster to make changes, and your employees will not miss important information.

Online booking software allows you to maintain and develop a healthy customer base. With its help, you can identify those who often come to your beauty salon, and who have stopped doing it. With this information, you can take the right marketing action – send well-targeted and personalized marketing campaigns and win back inactive customers.

You can notify your customers by SMS or email about special offers, promotions, bonuses, discounts, send newsletters, and provide other useful information.

Features to look into salon management software

There are a few features of beauty salon management software that we consider especially helpful. Here is the list of 7 must-haves.

1. Appointment scheduling

This is the most essential aspect of wellness and the beauty industry. There are several complexities are there, such as single appointments, group appointments, cancelling and rescheduling appointments, single appointments with several therapists or stylists, etc.

A good salon management software offers an appointment management feature that assists you to control every complexity easily.  With touch screens, intuitive salon and spa appointment books, your desk can keep moving and you will worry about double bookings. Quickly, you can schedule, reschedule, or cancel the appointments that can save valuable time.  

With the right platform, you can manage all orders online, via messages, emails, and directly via the phone. For the automatic processing of orders or recordings, it provides integration with the centralized system. The bills will get built and printed on the customers’ arrival automatically.

2. Inventory management

The salon’s inventory management system is an essential element of your business.  The software keeps track of the inventory by modifying the quantities every time there is a return, sale, or new product shipment.

Assuredly, you will want to have enough stock so that the customers have access to the products they need at the right moment. The system also assists you to avoid over-purchase. This is effective for slower-moving salon products.

When you need to buy more salon products, you will need a regular notification system. By setting the low-stock alerts, you can understand the exact moment when to order more items of a given type.

3. Marketing capabilities

The salon management software features assist in selling services or products. They are also helpful in building the brand and making the customers engaged. There are many ways to maintain the flow of communication with customers by means of text messages and email marketing. Some of the key benefits of marketing features have been described below.

  • You can set up the birthday or anniversary emails to send to the existing customer every year.  Approach and thank those people who have not been in the salon for some time. Automated emails are a nice way to make your customers feel special and valued.
  • Mass email marketing enables you to create, send, and track emails to every customer.  This is also applicable to some selected groups in your list.You can adjust your email content for each customer segment. It is an effective way to communicate recent happenings, provide salon promotions, and share the trends and tips.
  • By marketing with the customers via SMS, the messages are getting delivered right to their phone. The integrated texting features in the salon management software can do it easily for you.
  • The other way to use this is via the individual text reminders. Like, reminding the customers of upcoming appointments or pending payments, etc.

4. Point of Sale 

Point of Sale (POS) interface enables you to access the customer information quickly in some clicks only from any device. Here, the idea is to process customer payment or ring up the sales without any large or complex hardware.

In addition, to manage the customer database, the POS systems keep track of referrals, commissions, reward points.

So, we can say that POS is the place where the customer can complete their payments of services or products at your salon. It is the central component of your salon business and a hub where everything connects – from inventory, sales to customer management.

5. Package management

The package is an integration of several services, like for example:

  • Bridal package,
  • Summer skincare package,
  • Weight loss package, 
  • Hair shining package.

The categorization of the packages works according to the value and the service count of every combined service. In general, the service count based services are provided to individuals, and the value-based provided to the big personalities. Customers will pay in advance when providing services, which will decrease as customers use the service. These software packages are time-bound, so it is important to track the due time of the customer’s advance payment.

6. Automated confirmations

Automating beauty salon work is strongly related to confirmations management. With the automated confirmation feature, the salon owners can manage their customers to the best without any further difficulty. While looking for the salon management software, choose the one that provides automation of when the bookings are confirmed, sends SMS or email reminders and confirmations.

That is up to you how and when you want to send the confirmations. Most preferably, you would like to do this with an easy one-time setup. A good rule of thumb is send the SMS reminders a few hours before each visit and the SMS or email confirmation a few days before each appointment. Thanks to automated confirmation messages you no longer need to take care of confirmation calls. In addition, automated confirmations also eliminate no-shows and improve the overall customer retention

7. Excellent customer service

The critical element of online booking software is not a single feature. It is about a set of different tools combined in a single system that enables you to provide outstanding customer service.

While looking for salon management software, select a provider that knows the salon industry. They will guide your salon staff on how to leverage the platform in the most optimized way. Remember to choose a salon software provider that offers training and technical support for free.

Automating beauty salon work – wrap-up

Implementing salon management software is definitely worth the time and effort. As different salons have their own way of handling the business, it is important to have the software that fits perfectly to your needs. It should include every single element that your salon requires to streamline your business operations. And above all – let you provide the best customer experience.