9 Ways To Optimize Your Lead Generation Strategy

Lead generation is crucial for any business that wants to grow. An effective lead generation strategy involves nurturing prospects from the time they first learn about your company through your sales pipeline.

However, there are many tactics to choose from, and there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy that works for every business. That’s why it’s important to look at your different options and select the ones that make the most sense for your lead gen goals.

In this post, we’re looking at 9 proven tactics you can implement to optimize your website and generate a pipeline of new, qualified leads.

Create lead magnets 

Unlike publicly published content like a blog post, gated content is locked from public view. To access the free content, users must fill out a form and provide their contact details. This effective lead generation strategy gives potential leads something of value while qualifying prospects at the same time. Gated content assets may include white papers, reports, courses, digital tools, ebooks, or guides.

For example, if you run an SEO agency, you could offer visitors access to a free guide on small business SEO tips. You would know that anyone signing up for the guide is interested in SEO for their business and would be a viable lead for your services.

Pro Tip: Here are some additional lead magnet ideas.

Repurpose existing blog posts 

This tip involves looking at your existing content and compiling it into an in-depth guide, whitepaper, report, or even a series of social media posts. You’ve already invested in creating valuable content. And you know which posts your audience is interested in because they’re gaining traffic.

For example, if you offer digital marketing services to SaaS companies, you could take your best performing posts on SEO, PPC, and content marketing and compile them into a single guide, “The Definitive Guide on Digital Marketing Strategies for SaaS Startups.”

Add CTAs to existing blog posts

If you already have existing blog posts published, be sure to go back through them and see how they end. You want to make sure each post has a CTA, so visitors are directed to the next step after reading your content. 

Do you want viewers to sign up for a piece of gated content? Head to your services page? Whatever the next step is, you need to tell them.

Your CTAs should also be updated frequently, especially if you use them to drive traffic to upcoming events or time-sensitive material. 

For example, your CTA might say something like, “For more email marketing tips, join us for a webinar on growing your subscriber list.” You could lose prospects if they try to sign up for the webinar and discover that it’s already passed.

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Create remarketing campaigns

Remarketing campaigns allow you to keep visitors engaged until they’re ready to convert. No matter how well optimized your PPC ads are and no matter how convincing your landing pages, it’s unlikely that your paid traffic will convert to a qualified lead with the first click. This is why remarketing campaigns are crucial for anyone using paid advertising to draw traffic to their website.

One way to do this is to create campaigns for cart abandonment. If someone goes to your site and adds to a cart without making a purchase, you could use Google Analytics to track them and retarget them with ads. You could even offer them an additional incentive to complete their purchase, such as a percentage off their order.

Promote lead gen content on social media 

An active presence on your chosen social media platforms is important. You want to engage with your audience and share valuable content. This includes your lead generating content.

For example, try using Facebook’s targeting options to get your gated content in front of prospects. In this case, you don’t have to send Facebook users to your site. They can opt-in to your lead gen by simply clicking your CTA button. Of course, as with any other social platform, you can send viewers right to your website.

Use live chat to meet prospects where they are at 

Potential customers are more likely to engage with your brand if they can do it on their terms. This means having an option to contact you instantly, such as a live chat feature.

Even when you aren’t available to field questions, a chatbot can direct users to FAQs or offer to pass their information on to a sales representative.

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Start a podcast

If you’re only creating written content, then you’re missing out. Podcasts are an excellent addition to any lead generation strategy.

Creating a podcast lets your audience connect with you on a deeper level than they could with a simple blog. Doing so positions you as an expert, lets you connect with a different type of audience than readers alone. It also allows you to expand your network as you reach out to different speakers or guests.

Most importantly, you can use the podcast as a lead gen tool by offering listeners downloadable versions of your content. You can even convert your popular blog content into audio form for additional podcast topics that are already resonating with your audience.

Provide a free trial

One way to capture leads is to offer visitors a free trial of your product or service. This tactic attracts interested prospects that aren’t quite ready to buy. However, you can use the opportunity to nurture the leads into paying customers.

For example, once users have tried your service, you can draw them to the paid version with a drip campaign that promotes the premium features.

Create a referral system

Having a referral program in place lets your satisfied customers bring leads to you. By offering an incentive for referrals, you can encourage your existing customers to spread the word. People value the opinions and recommendations of their friends. You can say your brand is great. But hearing it from a trusted friend over the company itself is more credible to a potential customer.

Lead generation – wrapping up

Though some of these tactics can be implemented quickly, it’s important to keep in mind that it takes persistence in any marketing strategy to generate results. Whichever tactic you choose, stick with it and take the time to periodically evaluate the types of leads that are coming in to make sure you’re on the right track.