6 Techniques To Improve Your B2B Landing Pages And Increase Your Conversions

When trying to increase your conversions, effective, eye-catching B2B landing pages are essential. Many online businesses fail to meet targets due to a bland or uninteresting landing page, meaning that the business misses out on crucial sales, therefore losing profits. Here, we talked to industry experts to find out what the most important aspects of a landing page were and how to improve these aspects. Here are 6 techniques to improve your landing page and increase your conversion rate. 

1. Create specific landing pages

Kissmetrics recently published a study which showed that 52% of B2B advertisements go to a homepage and not a landing page. This makes navigating your website more difficult and awkward, while simultaneously sacrificing specificity for each stage of the buying process. Every single unique stage of this buying process should be accompanied by targeted advertisements and a unique landing page, making the process easy and attractive to the buyer. 

2. Have an appealing and eye-catching ‘hero’ image

A crisp, clean and informative image on your landing page is a massive asset. It should succinctly show what your product is and the benefits of enlisting the help of your business. Furthermore, research has shown that potential leads respond more favorably to photos of people and faces than they do to product photos. This should be kept in mind when designing a ‘hero’ image. A hero image should be the primary focus on your specific landing page. It should both give information and provide your lead with an emotional connection to your product. While an emotional connection is not as critical in B2B landing pages as it is with B2C, it is still a factor that you should consider when designing a ‘hero’ image. 

3. Write an effective UVP

A UVP (Unique Value Proposition) should quickly and interestingly summarise your product or service. For example, Good Start Packaging, a company that sells environmentally friendly products to businesses, has the UVP ‘Use Less Plastic Eat More Greens’. It is effective and it perfectly summarises the core of the company, all while sticking in your head due to its simplicity. An effective UVP combined with a well-designed hero image is a killer combination and will keep a potential lead on your website. 

4. Give a quick description of your product or service

A concise description could accompany the UVP and hero image. Sometimes, the hero image and the UVP will be informative enough, but more often than not, you will need to explain your product/service on the landing page. This is somewhat of an artform and well into the world of professional copywriting. Consider outsourcing the description (and all the other text on your landing page for that matter) to one (of the many) content writing services who specialize in writing landing page copy.

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Adding images to the description can be an effective technique too; visually representing the way your product works is always going to be more eye-catching and immediately understandable. However, this will differ from product to product, so you should carefully choose how you approach this description, tailoring it to both your clientele and your product. 

5. Include the benefits of using your product

What you are selling is not the product itself, but rather the benefits of the product on a potential lead. If the product is personalized marketing, then outline why your company is better than other available businesses and the benefits that you could bring to any potential leads. This would set you apart from the crowd and make sure that a potential lead looked further into your website. This could be more of a general set of benefits, such as stating the effects of your product. Alternatively, it could be more quantitative data, showing analytics of past clients. 

6. Show quantitative data

Show the reader what your product can do. Showing real analytics and results from previous clients will provide the potential lead with a sense of security and build trust between you and them. Stats such as what you have achieved in the past, average success rates and even results from previous customer surveys will show you to be a secure and trustworthy business, further increasing the chance of a conversion. However, these analytics should be selected specifically.

Depending on your product, different analytics will be important to clients. For example, if your business offers marketing advice and services, then statistics showing the average increased sales percentage in client companies is a great one to use, but this might not work if your business specializes in something slightly different. As with all the methods here, it is important to carefully select the content you display on the landing page. 


All in all, these 6 techniques will massively help you to increase conversion rates for your business. A landing page is a crucial aspect of your website and optimizing it with the aforementioned methods will bring your business to the next level. However, each one needs to be carefully optimized for your specific business and your specific clientele. This is crucial in making sure your landing page is as effective as possible.