6 Best Social Commerce Trends That You Must Integrate Into Your Marketing Campaigns

Social Commerce trends gives the eCommerce conduct of business a definition by curtailing its purchase journey.


Social Commerce introduced the seamless eCommerce trend where brands and buyers perform shopping-related actions directly on social media channels. 

This can be surprising for those brands who have not yet heard of selling on popular social media platforms, but several brands and businesses are making huge sales by integrating social media into their marketing strategies

Social commerce is increasingly becoming popular in the eCommerce industry, bringing platforms, social media, and eCommerce together, easing the buying and selling process. 

In the last two years, social commerce has changed the way brands sell their products and services by curtailing the buyer’s journey with the brand. 

If you are new to social commerce or might be practicing for the last few years, capitalizing on these social commerce trends will help you grow your brand and sales this year and in the future. 

What Brings Rise In The Social Commerce?

Many internet users spend their significant time scrolling through social media channels; this has given rise to the opportunity for brands to connect with their potential audience, engaging them with the content they like. 

Social commerce gives rise to the opportunity to connect and sell their products to the audience at the same time when they engage with the social media posts shared by brands. 

Social commerce trends are increasingly growing and will continuously grow as more than any other digital platform; people spend large amounts of their time on social media channels.

Moreover, the number of active users on social media is increasing exponentially every year; there is no better channel for the marketers to reach their products directly to the potential audience leaving no space for not buying a product from your brand. 

As the brand has practiced social commerce for the last few years, there are some social commerce strategies for better conduct and user engagement. 

Adopting these social media trends as your next online marketing move can leverage some amazing benefits you have never experienced before. 

Moreover, with the popularity of user-generated content, social media platforms are already making a huge difference in the way people interact with brands and their products. 

Thus, the latest social commerce trends can provide better ideas to brands and marketers that are foolproof result-driven marketing strategies. 

So here we go,

5 Best Social Commerce Trends That Brands Should Focus Upon

Build Instagram Storefronts

70% of online shoppers believe that they discover new products through Instagram, and 90% of consumers say that Instagram influences their buying decisions. 

Having an Instagram Shop allows people to check more details about the product and services while engaging with the images or videos on their Instagram feeds. 

With Instagram Shop, you allow yourself to add the product description that your interested audience wants to see instead of sending them to your eCommerce store. 

Instagram Shop gives an equal opportunity to every brand, whether small or big, to establish their storefronts and add as many products as they want with their desired customization.

Expand Reach With Micro-Influencers

Influencers are the leading cause of social shopping. Around 87% of social media users are influenced by the content shared by celebrities, popular figures, or social media influencers. No matter what category of products you sell, influencer marketing is the most social media marketing tool that every brand should include. 

However, people now understand that most celebrities promote products as brands pay them to do so. To lower this negative influence, you can promote your products with a decent number of followers with the micro-influencer. Also, this is cost-effective so that you can take benefits from more micro-influencers.

Embed Shoppable Instagram Feeds On-Site

Social commerce is not limited to social media channels; it has reached the website platform in recent marketing trends.

With the help of social commerce tools like Taggbox Commerce, Yotpo, etc., you can create Shoppable Instagram Galleries with Instagram posts and attract visitors to select and buy products directly from these Shoppable Galleries.

Leverage Social Commerce On Other Social Media Platforms

Instagram is not the only platform that supports social commerce; Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, TikTok, WeChat, etc., are also allowing brands and businesses to conduct social commerce strategies on their platforms. 

Thus, you can expand social commerce on other platforms to gain maximum exposure and benefits in the coming years. 

Earn Trust & Revenue With Shoppable UGC

User-generated content is always there, but social media platforms have given it a platform and shape where customers share their reviews and feedback with their friends and followers. 

UGC builds trust among the audience, which the brand is never able to do. It is hard for people to buy a new product or consume lots of time in making a purchase decision.

But when people see UGC, they are more likely to buy a similar product as their friends and customers using it in the posts. 

The recent social commerce strategies are leveraging user-generated content to promote and boost their brand authenticity. Brands can create shoppable UGC feeds on their social media channels and embed Shoppable UGC on their eCommerce website to enhance the power of the brand advocates. 
This will build the trust of people in the brand along with increasing the website conversion rate stupendously. 

Wrapping Up!

Adopting social commerce is not an option for brands. Now, if you want to grow like your competitors and make a long-lasting relationship with your customers, social commerce is all you need. 

Several other social commerce trends are defined in many blogs, but if you are starting, these are must-go-to social commerce trends to expand your business. 

Begin your social commerce by including these exclusive social commerce trends into your marketing and tell us how they perform for your brand success in 2021 and the upcoming year.