5 Ways In Which A Live Chat Software Boosts B2B Inbound Sales

B2B marketers today are spoilt for choice when it comes to adopting strategies that can improve their B2B sales. However, if you’re looking to add real value for your customer, you need to prioritize the integration of a robust live chat software on your website/app. A live chat software worth its salt can impact your company’s bottom line while enhancing the user experience and creating potential leads into lifelong customers. Let’s understand how.

Top-5 Live Chat Software Advantages In B2B Inbound Sales 

1. Leverage Live Chat For Building Customized Experiences And For Increasing Buyer Confidence.

If you wish to boost your chances of a sale, offering a personalized customer experience is key. This is where live chat comes in handy. Remember that you can also make use of additional tools such as screen-sharing capabilities, video chat functionality, etc. to deliver a hyper-personalized experience.

Some effective ways in which the live chat software extends a helpful hand include (but are not limited to):

  • Providing a glimpse into the customer’s chat history. For live agents to be able to address customer queries effectively, they need a 360-degree view of past customer interactions. Once they have all the context and have been brought up-to-speed (thanks to the chat transcripts available at the click of a button), they can be better prepared to resolve user issues. This, in turn, helps build a stronger rapport and a better relationship with the customer.
  • Offering multilingual support for reaching out to a more global audience:

In today’s day-and-age, if you truly wish to expand your user base, you need to get multilingual support on your website. This ensures that no prospective lead gets turned away, and all the customer queries get addressed:

2. It Allows Your B2B Brand To Be More Accessible, Efficient, & Connect With Visitors In Real-Time

According to Zoho, 87% of companies embrace the live chat functionality to connect with visitors in real-time.

Using a live chat tool on your website allows you to reach out to more potential leads and convert better. Moreover, from a customer’s point of view, their wait time reduces drastically, and the quality of service doesn’t get hampered in the process. In fact, data by Hubspot claims that customers expect answers to their queries within 10 minutes today. Plus, further research by EConsultancy claims that 79% of customers lean towards a live chat support as it allows for instant responses. Say a customer ends up on the 404 error page; you can use the live chat software to proactively reach out to the customer and guide them in the right direction:

This enhances the overall customer experience and positively impacts the customer satisfaction levels amounting to almost 92% according to data by Zendesk.

3. It Allows For Helpful, One-On-One Query Resolution

Let’s say your customer has a specific query about the product they just bought. Instead of letting the customer move around in circles, the live chat software will either:

  • Route them to the appropriate live agent so that they get personalized one-on-one attention:
  • Offer a useful knowledge base – complete with updated resources, assets, and tips – that allows the customers to self-serve and not waste time waiting to get their issues resolved:
  • Redirect the customer towards specific content—like product pages or blog posts— to speed up the buying process:

4. It Allows Customers To Offer Real-Time Feedback And Suggestions

Live chat also doubles up as a powerful tool to collect customer feedback in real-time. This allows your brand to get invaluable insights into what’s working and what’s not working from the horse’s mouth (the user in this case). Additionally, you can also understand your target audience’s content requirements, primary pain-points, buying motivation, and views on existing as well as new products/services. In the case of Lincoln Davies Building Supply, it demonstrates product reviews to buyers so that they can make an informed decision:

You can iterate your offerings based on the feedback, A/B test your pages, and work towards enhancing your website offering consistently and effectively. The more you integrate relevant user feedback, the more positive their experience is likely to be.

5. It Helps Capture User Information And Drive Data-Driven Insights

Integrating a live chat software into your website/app also helps you understand your customers better (in the form of an apt buyer persona) – from analyzing their website/app behavior patterns to getting a pulse of their likes and pain-points; live chat captures a treasure trove of user information. It also helps you understand how much time your users are spending on your website, what the bounce rate looks like, etc. This data can then be used in the form of actionable insights to drive personalized marketing campaigns and address customer queries from the roots. 

For instance, you can use the live chat software to analyze your website’s lead volume trends depending on various factors such as time of day, day of the week, etc. Based on this information, your sales support team can organize their work schedule accordingly.

Alternatively, you can also understand your visitor’s on-site activity. Consider the following example:

Here, the visitor is seen browsing through the food and beverage pages on the site. To make the user experience more positive and supportive, you can initiate a live chat conversion with the user and a food-and-beverage rep from your company asking the visitor if they need any assistance. When it comes to live chat, proactive service is better than reactive service.

Wrapping Up

Live chat is an essential functionality provided by most websites today; it is no longer optional. After all, instant messaging and chat have been wired into every customer’s DNA today, owing to platforms such as Facebook and Whatsapp. 

Furthermore, using a holistic live chat software empowers your brand to leave a lasting ‘first impression’ by speeding up the time taken for query resolution, shortening the sales cycle due to effective query resolution, and delivering a powerful and personalized user experience that caters to every kind of B2B customer’s needs in real-time. Finally, live chat can automate simple routine tasks and enhance human interactions in a cost-effective capacity. Need we convince more?

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