10 Proposal Template Best Practices That Win Clients

The business world is filled with tough competition, especially when it comes to email marketing. So, you must know how to write the best business proposal to get more clients for your business. 

The guide you, below are 10 business proposal template best practices. These practices can help you win the trust of your target audience. 

How Business Proposals Can Help Us Win Clients 

With the best proposal templates, you can effectively introduce your business to your potential customers. Your business proposal includes information you want to do with the business. 

Your business proposal can help you win clients by showing evidence of your vision. It will influence the decision of investors and other business enthusiasts to take risks while working with your business. 

Meanwhile, it is also good to make preparations for your business proposal. For example, you can analyze their strategies and identify their goals and needs. 

Business proposals are also essential to share your purpose and mission statement. Additionally, you can show the risks that your business faces. 

Let us now proceed to the top 10 business proposal template best practices. With these practices, you can get the best results of your business proposal.

Best Practice 1 – Limit to 1 to 2 pages 

You must introduce your business with a business proposal in 1 to 2 pages. Make sure to have a well-detailed content that will make them choose your business. 

Your 1 to 2 pages business proposal template is enough to share what you’re going to do. It is a good way to make your brand recognized by your potential clients. 

Longer business proposals can possibly discourage the client from reading more of your proposal’s content. With that, your business proposal must be short, simple, but comprehensive. 

With a brief but complete business proposal, you can offer your clients a quick overview of how you’re going to work with them. It can also convince them that you’re an expert and reliable in the business that you’re promoting. 

Best Practice 2 – Know who you’re talking to

Another important factor to consider is identifying your audience. You can engage with your client by making conversations with them to understand what they need. 

Make sure to know who you’re talking to achieve your business goals. It is a good idea to learn about their standards and expectations while working with you. 

By understanding your clients, you have the assurance that they will be satisfied to work with your business. It will also help them realize that partnering with you is a good investment for the needs of their business.  

Best Practice 3 – Be consistent with your tone, language, and professionalism

You must keep in mind to be consistent with your language, tone, and professionalism. Never use vulgar words, but the only respectful and professional language that can convince them to work with you. 

Best Practice 4 – Evoke a sense of care for their business

It is also important to evoke a sense of care for their business. Show your dedication to help them achieve the goals of their business.

With that, you can earn their trust and respect. You can work together as a united team.

By showing your willingness to your client, they can be satisfied to work with you. They also form a trust in you. 

Best Practice 5 – Make an outline of the project and how you’ll do it

Just like other things, make sure to have a plan or outline of your project. Then, you can entail the ways on how you’re going to implement it for the success of the business. 

It is essential to have a clear goal for your project. So, you can have an efficient outline on how to achieve your goals in business. 

The outline of your project makes your business proposal more organized. It can also produce a good impression on your client. 

Now that you already formulate a plan, you need to be consistent to make your goals into reality. It can offer a high satisfaction level for you as well as for your client. 

Working as one team, it is possible to make your business and your clients’ business successful and more profitable. 

Best Practice 6 – Highlight the benefits they can get from you

It is a fact that clients only trust partners that they believe can help their business to grow. Therefore, highlighting the benefits that you can offer for them is important. 

As a goal-oriented business individual, you must have the dedication to provide your clients with the best service to benefit them. Show some sincerity in your business proposal. 

By showing the advantages of your business, your client will never hesitate to choose you as their business partner. Additionally, it can also help to maintain the good reputation of your business. 

Best Practice 7 – Present different pricing options

For sure, you want to maintain good relationships with your clients. That’s why you must offer different pricing options that can match their budget and needs. 

You can offer an optional fee table for your clients. With this, you can’t overprice. 

Some clients don’t easily trust business individuals. You can prove to them that you are trustworthy to enhance the success and development of their business. 

Best Practice 8 – Create a timeline

The next step is to create a timeline for your project. You can present your terms and conditions. 

You can create a summary of the agreement between you and your client once they accept your proposal. Before sending your proposal, be sure to check it with your legal team. 

Best Practice 9 – Make sure your proposal is highly accessible

Take note that your proposal must be highly accessible. Never make a business proposal that is unreachable.

If you don’t want to experience disappointments, make your proposal reachable. Be reasonable and realistic as far as your business proposal is concerned. 

Make sure to offer the right solutions to achieve the goals and missions in your business proposal. It can help to maintain the clients’ trust you are working with. 

Failing to reach the goals of your business proposal can be quite stressful. Therefore, you must include goals that are easy to achieve with your client. 

Best Practice 10 – Provide an easy signature method

The last practice for your business proposal template is to offer an easy signature method. You need to ensure that there’s a signature box where your client can sign about your agreement. 

This can also be your opportunity in providing a prompt for your clients. It will make you accessible to your client whenever they have concerns and questions. 


A well-written business proposal is helpful in convincing your target clients to choose your service. So, you can be business partners that can help to make each other’s business grow. 

To sum it up, applying these 10 best practices for business proposal templates can help you win the trust and support of your target audience. Create the best business proposal now!