10 ideas for the best Christmas Newsletter you’ve ever sent


The busiest season for customers, sellers, and marketers.

Whether we like it or not, we have to agree that Christmas is as much about shopping as about carols and one of the reasons why people are looking forward to the Christmas Eve day is because of the presents they will get.

December is one of the most significant shopping spree periods – in the United States, shoppers are expected to spend over $1 trillion while shoppers in the UK will spend over £2 billion on home decorations, parties, menu and of course, presents. No wonder it’s a hectic season for both sellers and marketers.

You are working hard right now too on preparing a great Christmas newsletter right?

And probably think about how could you make your newsletter better than last year (and better than other companies) to drive on the last-minute shopping fever but lack ideas.

We got you covered – if you can put a smile on your customers’ faces and help them get through the holiday season, you are sure to succeed.

Here are ten ideas what you could add to your newsletter to keep your customers in the festive season, give them something useful and increase your sales too.

Gift Guides

Majority of people are struggling with buying the right presents – especially if they have a long list of family and friends to buy gifts for. There’s too many options and definitely not enough time. Why not help them with the task by giving them a gift guide?

Emails featuring gift guides generated a 48% higher transaction rate when compared to other promotional mailings, so it’s definitely worth to give them a try.

To make sure all of your customers find something useful, you can divide the gift guide either by price range (so both those budget-conscious and those who wish to splurge can find something they like), by product type (clothes, beauty products, shoes) or by recipient (for him, for her, for kids).


There are just too many things people have to do before Christmas – shopping, preparing dinner, presents, decorations, cleaning, sending greetings, the list goes one. That’s why adding a handy checklist might be a great idea for your newsletter. The ideas are endless: it might be a checklist of presents already bought or ingredients needed for the Christmas Eve menu.

Don’t forget about making the checklist printable so customers could have it near themselves and cross out each task they completed.

Give Free Shipping

Shopping online is a huge time-saver, especially in the busy seasons. Who has the time to walk from store to store, look through dozens of items and then wait several minutes in massive queues? With online shopping, you can find and order presents much faster (unless you order a bit too late but we’ll about this in a moment).

The only problem might be the shipping costs – if the requested product together with the shipping is more expensive than when bought in a store, customers might hesitate.

Why not give them a push in the direction of your store and offer free shipping?

It’s one of the best incentives to not only get your customers to buy things from you but also to spend more, if you put the free shipping under certain conditions, such as ordering certain products or by hitting a minimum order value. You won’t believe how many of your customers will decide to spend more, just to be eligible for free shipping!

Warn them about shipping deadline

The thing that is stopping many people from online shopping before Christmas are possible shipping delays – “What if my delivery won’t be on time?”.

Courier services and post offices are overloaded with work during the holiday period, so your customers have a much shorter time to order gifts online if they want them arrived on time. It’s a good idea to let your customers know how much time they still have to buy online if they want to get their orders before Christmas Eve.

By making the time limit known to the customers (by putting order deadlines next to the product details, sending a reminder email or even better, by using a countdown clock both on your website and emails) not only you avoid disappointing or angering customers later but you are also creating a sense of urgency that pushes  customers to order immediately instead of at a later time.

Inspire rather than sell

Rather than just pushing your products to your newsletter subscribers, why not use your newsletter to inspire them? Your subscribers surely will appreciate a newsletter full of ideas on how to make their Christmas happier and less stressful. Consider creating unique holiday photo cards to share with your customers and subscribers.

Do you have “tried and tested” dishes recipes? Or maybe you know what this year trends for home decorations or Christmas tree decorations are? This is the perfect moment to impress your subscribers with your suggestions. Plenty of customers will look up ideas for the menu, cocktails and home decorations so they will surely appreciate your suggestions!

Give your customers a present

Christmas is the season of giving, so it’s a fantastic moment to show appreciation for your customers. What kind of a special gift could you prepare for your customers? The most popular practices are discount coupons or free express delivery.

But you have far more options than just that – you can give an extra product to every order, a seasonally themed e-book, samples of your other products, double your referral prizes for December or add a gift wrapping for every purchase. The options are endless!

Start a contests

Customers love all kinds of competitions – they are fun, engaging and who doesn’t like to win something?

Christmas season is the perfect moment to start one. How about encouraging your subscribers to share their best (or worst) Christmas themed photos on social media? Or share the funniest story? Or maybe a recipe for a great cocktail?

Contests are a great way to entertain your audience and take some stress off their shoulders.

Worried the prizes have to be expensive?

It’s exactly the other way around – according to several studies, small rewards like brand gadgets or discounts work much better than expensive prizes.

When offering small prizes, you also don’t have to worry about people who will sign up to your newsletter or take part in your competitions just to win a brand new smartphone and unsubscribe the moment they didn’t win anything.

Start a fundraising campaign

During holiday time, people are not only spending more money on themselves and their loved ones but also are more generous towards people in need.

That’s why many companies start a partnership with a charity organization or offer to support people in need. Why not join them? Working together with a charity is a great way to do something good while also getting your brand known and getting new customers.

There are many ways in which you can support a charity of your pick: by giving a percentage of every sale to a specific charity, by doubling the amount of money donated by your customers, by giving your customers a chance to donate money while paying for their order.

Another good idea is encouraging your customers to buy specific products and provide those products to charity organizations.

For example, if you produce or sell equipment for animals, you could support a local shelter, and if you are a store selling sports equipment, you could sponsor a local team. This shows you are not only here for the money and that you do care about the community as a whole.

Thank your customers for being there

December might be the season of shopping, but it doesn’t mean that all your emails should be only about sales, promotions, and offers. It should also be about showing your customers you think and care about them and that they are not just your customers but also your friends.

Would your business exist without your customers? It definitely wouldn’t. That is why a Christmas newsletter is a great place to thank all your customers for being here with you and supporting you.

You don’t have to do anything big – a simple mail, personalized mail with a word of thanks and warm greeting will be enough. A holiday video showing you and your staff preparing for holidays and wishing everyone Merry Christmas would be a great idea too!

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Share your successes and achievements

How about celebrating the holidays by sharing your achievements and successes with your customers?

During the year, surely plenty of things have happened – were there any significant achievements or successes you had this year? Is there anything important you would want your customers to know?

Write about those things in your newsletter and thank your customers for helping you achieve this – your customers will be happy to hear about your success.

Of course, those are only a couple of ideas for an excellent Christmas newsletter, mentioning all of them would be enough for a book, not an article – you could use quizzes, templates,  sweepstakes or share stories and ask your customers to share theirs!

Feel inspired?

Now that you have more ideas about what to add to your Christmas newsletter, you can stop worrying about how good your newsletter will be and start getting excited about the upcoming holidays!

What are you planning to use in your holiday newsletter this year?
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