Redirection link leading to a pop-up form

Send an email message to users from your imported database and reach them on your website once they've clicked on the redirection link. This automation helps you merge the existing user with their cookies.

More leads

up to15%

Combine an email campaign with a pop-up. Gain more leads and increase your conversion rate.

While there are many benefits to implementing marketing automation, we feel the following are some of the most important:

  • Provide effective, personalized, and relevant communication.
  • Improve your closing ratio and raise the average value of your deals.
  • Increase customer lifetime value.

Possible adjustments


Trigger the automation when a specified tag is added.

Lead nurturing campaign

Send an interesting and personalized email campaign.


Allow a few seconds to elapse as the new web page loads.

Pop-up form

Show a personalized form, get more information about your users, and increase your conversion rate.

Example in the app