By Aleksandra

Jan. 2, 2019, 2:41 p.m.

Why people hate marketers?

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to Aleksandra

Jan. 2, 2019, 2:41 p.m.

Modern clients don’t like most of the marketing activities and marketers because they feel like they are trying to force them something, what they do not need. Here are the reasons that make the profession of a marketer unappreciated. 1. DO NOT LISTEN TO CUSTOMER This happens not only during the conversation with the client but also during conversations with relatives. When someone speaks to you (eg customer in an e-mail, on a chat, on the phone) marketer is already thinking how to offer his product or service. He does not pay attention to people’s real needs. It is often the case that the client himself offers solutions to various problems (eg complaints), but marketer does not listen to him, he thinks about his solutions. 2. SUBJECT TREATMENT OF CUSTOMER The customer is not a wallet stuffed with money. It's a living being. If a marketer wants him to take out his wallet stuffed with money, he can not push the sale offer and encourage him to buy it. Treating people in this way makes the marketer's profession not liked and respected, 3. CUSTOMER CHEATING Marketers think that their clients are idiots and do not bump into a scam, in which by trading matches he makes the sale of last year's models at an exceptional price, while this year he will continue to trade the same matches. He is doing the "only chance" to buy a unique product, and this opportunity will last all year. Such lies negatively affect the general opinion about this profession. Considering the above arguments, it can be argued that the marketer's profession is not widely liked and respected because marketers do not treat their clients with proper care and proper approach.