Segment is a simple SaaS app that helps you capture data from every customer touch point and send it to the tools where it can be used most effectively.

Our Segment integration will provide visitor tracking, event tracking and user attribute collection without the need to implement UserEngage tags separately.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Log in to your UserEngage app
  2. Go to App API keys
  3. Generate a key and copy it
  4. Go to<YOURACCOUNTNAME>/destinations/catalog/userengage
  5. Click Configure UserEngage
  6. Choose the data source and confirm it
  7. Paste the Segment API key from UserEngage
  8. Done!

Those few clicks will make UserEngage integrated with your website via Segment snippets.

What comes next?

In the coming weeks we will work on expanding our integration with Segment to showing chat widget, forms and other elements.